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Gaming Istanbul 2023 (Gist) is preparing for its visitors

Details about Gaming Istanbul 2023, which will be held for the seventh time this year, are starting to become clearer. It seems that the Gist 2023 event will especially highlight domestic game producers this year.

Gaming Istanbul 2023 (Gist 2023)

With 92 thousand visitors, Gaming Istanbul, one of the eight biggest gaming events in the world in 2019, will bring together gaming and e-sports enthusiasts. Gaming Istanbul 2023, as in previous years, will host game companies, cosplayers, internet publishers this year. In addition to these, it will also include a retro gaming area, free developer area and many other events.

In addition to these, visitors will be able to participate in award-winning e-sports matches and tournaments at Gaming Istanbul, where new products of hardware companies meet with game enthusiasts.

Gaming Istanbul 2023 (Gist 2023)
Gaming Istanbul 2023 (Gist 2023)


Under the roof of Gaming Istanbul 2023, Indieway, a business development event and ecosystem for the gaming industry, will also take place. Preparing to bring famous game producers and professionals with Indieway, Gaming Istanbul will organise seminars and business development meetings with about 4000 important local and foreign participants this year.

Participating local games

New games of important game developers from Turkey will also be unveiled at Gaming Istanbul. You can find the ones announced so far below:

  • Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul
  • Cardboard Town
  • Castle of Alchemists
  • Book Warrior
  • Pile Up
Gaming Istanbul 2023 (Gist 2023)
Gaming Istanbul 2023 (Gist 2023)

When and where will Gaming Istanbul 2023 be held?

GIST 2023, which will be held for the seventh time, will be held between 16 – 18 June 2023 at Prof. Dr. Kadir Topbaş Show and Art Center.

Where can I buy GIST 2023 tickets?

Gaming Istanbul 2023 tickets can be purchased from and, and in previous years, they can also be purchased at the door during the entrance.

Gist Cosplay registration

You do not need to apply in advance to participate in Gist as a cosplay.

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