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Genshin Impact Survey Result Showed Most Popular Characters

A fan made Genshin Impact survey result showed most popular characters among players.

Genshin Impact Survey Result Showed Most Popular Characters

Genshin Impact Survey Result

Genshin Impact is a gacha action rpg game developed by Mihoyo. When gacha involves in it, there will be tons of characters to choose from, especially if it’s open world game.

Genshin Impact released a lot of new characters since it’s launch, Genshin Impact is at it’s 4.3 patch and currently there are 71 playable characters available. Some of them are 4* and some of them are 5*. Players who enjoy playing Genshin Impact has a lot of characters options to choose from.

In this situtation, all players are not same if it’s about choosing character. It depends on player interest and that’s where things changed since Genshin Impact has all type of characters and almost all of them are suitable for players choices.

And here is the Genshin Impact Survey result:

  • Furina (8.609/10)
  • Neuvillette (8.078/10)
  • Navia (8.001/10)
  • Nahida (7.969/10)
  • Zhongli (7.269/10)
  • Yoimiya (7.528/10)
  • Kaedehara Kazuha (7.269/10)
  • Wriothesley (7.267/10)
  • Yelan (7.254/10)
  • Yae Miko (7.069/10)

Genshin Impact Survey Result Showed Most Popular Characters

In the list, the first character is Furina. Which just got released at 4.2 patch. She is a very good buffer and if you need to increase your dps’ damage, then she is the first character that comes to your mind. Aside from her power, Fontaine storyline made players love Furina more, that’s why we can’t say that we are surprised to see her at the first in the survey result.

After Furina, we see Neuvillette, which is considered to be best hydro dps in the game. Aside from being the strong dps, he is also the Hydro Sovereign, which is the reincarnation of the hydro dragon. His story at the Fontaine story quest and dps power made players to use him more.

After Neuvillette, we see Navia which is the latest 5* character released in the Genshin Impact. In the current Geo element characters, she is considered to be best Geo nuke dps in the game. Aside from her power, just like Neuvillete and Furina, her role in the Fontaine story quest was important.

After Navia, we see Nahida, which is considered to be best dendro support in the game. If you are playing dendro related reaction in your team, Nahida is a must character since she is the best dendro support.

After Nahida, we see Zhongli, which is considered to be best shielder in the game, even at the current patch. No other characters does the same thing with him, he is the best shielder and probably stay that way.

After Zhongli, we see Yoimiya at the list and it’s quite shocking since players were not happy about her smash mouse button mechanic. Playing Yoimiya is hard, especially if you are playing with mouse and keyboard. Maybe these players who enjoy Yoimiya are playing with gamepad, who knows.

After Yoimiya, we see Kaedehara Kazuha, which is considered to be best buffer and anemo CC (Crowd Control) character in the Genshin Impact. Aside from gathering all enemies together, Kazuha also buff your damage based on EM (Elemental Mastery).

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Genshin Impact Survey Result Showed Most Popular Characters

After Kaedehara Kazuha, we see Wriothesley in the list, which is latest cryo character released in the game. Currently he is the first cryo catalsyt dps character released in the game also his Japanese voice actor is pretty popular, maybe that’s why players prefers him more.

After Wriothesley, we see Yelan, which is one of the best hydro sub dps character in the game. If you are playing hydro released reactions in your team, then Yelan is one of the best options for you. Also his Constelations makes her a dps as well.

After Yelan, we see Yae Miko, which is the latest character in the Genshin Impact survey result. Yae Miko is a electro sub dps character in the game. Because she is electro, there are tons of teams you can play her, you have a lot of options but maybe players doesn’t prefer her more because her damage mostly comes from her summons, which is her thunder turrets.

You can view full result of survey here.

Genshin Impact is available with it’s Version 4.3 for PC, Android, PS, iOs.

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