Intel Finally Announces APU Processors with Ray Tracing and XeSS

Intel, especially known for the processors it offers to the market, was aiming to be a rival to NVIDIA and AMD with the graphics cards it produces. Now, Intel seems to be aiming to get ahead of NVIDIA and AMD with the RTX-enabled APU processors it is preparing to launch.

Intel Finally Announces APU Processors with Ray Tracing and XeSS

Intel Introduces Lunar Lake Processors

Tech giant Intel showed its RTX-enabled APU processor Lunar Lake to gamers and all tech enthusiasts with a demo of the F1 24 game. In the F1 24 game, Lunar Lake is capable of delivering a stable 60 FPS at 1080p resolution at high graphics and also with the RTX feature turned on.

Among the information provided for Lunar Lake processors is the TDP value of the product. According to the data announced for Lunar Lake, Lunar Lake consumes 17 Watts of power. This is 7 watts lower than the Meteor Lake processor, also manufactured by Intel. This means that Lunar Lake performs better with less power consumption.

Although Intel Lunar Lake processors will be used in laptops, Intel also aims to use this architecture in desktop products. This means that it is very likely that we will see the Lunar Lake architecture in the upcoming Intel Arc Battlemage series of graphics cards.

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