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Intel Confirms Lunar Lake Release Date: 2024

Intel’s upcoming Lunar Lake architecture processors should be on the radar of laptop gamers. Intel has confirmed Lunar Lake release date that these new chips, which will offer more instruction processing capacity per clock compared to the Meteor Lake series, will be released later this year.

Intel Lunar Lake will replace Meteor Lake, which is designed for use in notebooks. Although this situation does not excite desktop computer users, laptop users are quite impatient. Anyone looking for fast gaming on laptops will appreciate the “new low-power architecture and IPC improvements in the CPU”.

Arrow Lake will also be produced for desktop users. When it launches later this year, Arrow Lake will use Socket LGA1851. It will also bring the Arc Battlemage integrated graphics unit and AI Boost NPU to the desktop.

Intel Confirms Lunar Lake release date
Intel Confirms Lunar Lake release date

Intel Confirms Lunar Lake release date. It will release in 2024

Intel showcased the new chip at the CES 2024 Open House presentation. It also confirmed that it will arrive in 2024, but did not specify the exact date when it will be released. Nevertheless, it is possible to make a guess that it will be released towards the end of 2024.

Interestingly, the new chips will be the first chips where Intel’s main processing cores are built on a non-Intel process. The company received support from other chip manufacturers to produce parts of its chips. It had previously used TSMC for Meteor Lake’s graphics chip. x86 process cores will be non-Intel for the first time.

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