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Is Generation Zero Cross Platform?

If you are searching for “Is Generation Zero Cross Platform?”, our answer will be “Yes”. In this article we will give you more details about the game.

Is Generation Zero cross platform game?

Crossplay is a feature which allows players to play together across all platforms without any doubt. Generation Zero cross platform option also available, which you can play across Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

Is Generation Zero Cross Platform
Is Generation Zero Cross Platform?

What is Generation Zero?

Generation Zero is a first person shooter game. Published by Avalanche Studios and released in October 18, 2018.

It is a cooperative multiplayer game set in 1980s Sweden. The story evolves around hostile machines that taken over the countryside. Players have to use stealth and strategy to survive against enemies. Game also features open world which can be explored by players. It’s a unique and challenging experience.

With Apex game engine, you can explore the massive open world. Featuring day and night cycle with unpredictable weather, complex AI behavior, simulated ballistics, highly realistic acoustics and dynamic 1980s soundtrack.

You can go alone or team up with your friends in cooperative multiplayer mode. Collaborate and combine your unique skills to take down enemies. Support downed friends by reviving them. Share loot after enemy is defeated.

All enemies are simulated in the world, roam the landscape with intent and purpose. When you manage to destroy a specific enemy component, be it armor, weapons or sensory equipment, the damage is permanent. Enemies will bear those scars until you face them again.

The enemies you face in Generation Zero come in many sizes, types, and variations. They are constantly challenging you in new ways using different weapons and sensory equipment.


Is Generation Zero multiplayer cross-platform?

Generation Zero cross platform is available for Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. If you have friends that has these consoles and you want to play with them, you are free to do that.

Can Xbox and Steam Play Generation Zero together?

Steam player can only play with Steam players. Xbox players can play with Windows 10 version of the game.

Is Generation Zero cross-platform Xbox One and PC?

Crossplay only works between Xbox and Microsoft Game Pass. So if you have Steam version, it won’t work properly.

Can cross gen play with PC?

Most games that support crossplay are allows you to play with PC players as well.

Is Generation Zero Cross Platform
Is Generation Zero Cross Platform?

Generation Zero Cross platform option is available for Windows PC (on Steam), Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. If you have friends to play with or you wanna play with different person, this selection is best for you.

Generation Zero is available for Playstaion 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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