Sniper Elite 5 DLC

Sniper Elite 5 is a third person stealth game where you play as Karl Fairburne to uncover Project Kraken in 1944 France. In this article, we will talk about everything about Sniper Elite 5 DLC packages.

There are total of 14 DLC packages for Sniper Elite 5. Each one includes different weapons, weapon skins to game. If you buy these packages or already bought these packages, you can freely enjoy your cool looking weapon while killing your enemies on your way.

Is there any Sniper Elite 5 DLC?

There are total of 14 DLC packages for Sniper Elite 5. First 2 of them are Season Pass which the first one includes 2 mission campaigns, World War 2 weapons and outfits, the second one includes two new immersive Campaign Missions, 6 packs of authentic World War 2 weapons and new skins for both characters and weapons.

Death From Above, which bringing a new rifle in the shape of the Pedersen, a weapon skin and two character skins. The Pedersen rifle was proposed as part of a program to adopt a semi automatic replacement to the M1903.

Is there any Sniper Elite 5 DLC?
Sniper Elite 5 DLC

It features no scope options but is arguably best in class for ironsight usage and is capable of firing fast. You will also receive the striking British Dazzle weapon skin, available for all weapons. Also, both Karl and Monika receive new character skins.

Rough Landing Mission, which includes amazing new mission called Rough Landing. Allied airmen, including a high ranking officer with critical intelligence, have been shot down over a dense woodland and are now being hunted by Nazi troops.

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Karl’s mission is to find the hidden pilots and rertieve the intelligence. Rough Landing also includes two new weapons, the Mosin Nagant rifle and Sjögren shotgun. The 12G Swedish inertie was one of the first semi automatic shotguns, featuring a unique inertia operated system that would later be seen in various modern shotguns.

Trench Warfare Weapon Pack, this free weapons pack gives you some devastating firepower perfect for close quarters combat in the shape of the Carl Gustav M/1945 SMG, the Trench Gun and a Double 1866 pistol.

Valentine’s Weapon Skin Pack, which giving your M1911 the look of love with this free Cherry Hunter Weapon skin.

Sniper Elite 5
Sniper Elite 5 DLC

Winter Weapons Skin Pack, which gives your Sniper Elifte 5 weapons with frosty looking Winter Weapons skins.

Conqueror Mission Weapon and Skin Pack, the thriling new mission for Sniper Elite 5. Takes you to the town of Falaise. Meanwhile Nazi forces have dug in to make their last stand at the iconic castle, one occupied by William the Conqueror. You will have to use all of your stealth and skill to slip through the heavily defended Nazi lines. You have to breach castle walls to allow your Alies claim victory.

The Conqueror Pack also includes the Drilling Shotgun. This Triple barrelled Luftwaffe survival Shotgun is devastating in close quarters combat. Also still effective out to great distance through the use of Slug shells and customizable precision ironsight. Finally, you will receive the Oak Leaf Weapons skins as well.

Airborne Elite Weapon and Skin Pack, it gives you access to the stunning Lee No.4 rifle. An iconic Parachute Regiment Character Skin for Karl and Union Jack Weapon Skin for the Welrod pistol.

Sniper Elite 5 crossplay feature
Sniper Elite 5 DLC

Up Close and Personal Weapon and Skin Pack, equip the Win & Co 1885. A heavy hitting rifle that despite it’s restricted rate of fire. Houses an enormous .50 calibre 50-110 round, capable of eliminating any enemy in it’s path with a single shot.

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Complimenting the Win & Co 1885 is the ERMA.36. A submachine gun that features an integral suppressor and high muzzle velocity, making it heavy but powerful stealth SMG. Available in both Karl and Monika variants. The Tank Top Character Skin features Brown leather accents, rough and ready combat look for traversing the battlefield.

Concealed Target Weapon and Skin Pack, equip the HS. 22 for a covert sidearm to aid your mission objectives. Take stealth to the next level with Pea Dot Camo Weapon Skin and Ghillie Suit Elite Character Skin.

Sniper Elite 5 Crossplay
Sniper Elite 5 DLC

Landing Force Mission and Weapon Pack, deploy to the South of France where enemy forces have commandeered an island off the coast of Marseille. The vast island is a hive of Nazi activity and features docks, lighthouse and a ruined keep. You will have to destroy huge gun emplacement in order to help Allied Landing Force. In your mission, you will equip D.L. Carbine Rifle and PPSH Submachine Gun.

Target Führer – Wolf Mountain, Eliminate Herr Wolf by infiltrating the Berghof, Hitler’s private mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps. Enlisted as part of the British assasination plot Operation Foxley. It’s down to you to put an end to the Nazi leader’s reign of terror.

P.1938 Suppressed Pistol, equipped with the P.1938 Suppressed Pistol. You will gain the advantage of being able to quickly eliminate your enemies one by one with ultra quiet new weapon.

What is the season pass for Sniper Elite 5?

There are total of 2 Season Pass packs for Sniper Elite 5. Season Pass One and Season Pass Two.

Is Sniper Elite 5 better then 4?

Sniper Elite 4 is such a successful stealth sniper game which you accomplish different missions, use different weapons and such, Sniper Elite 5 changed some things about game and made new adjustments but basics are all the same between two games. At this point, it’s up to player to decide which one is better for them or which one they prefer to play.

And we shared every information about Sniper Elite 5 DLC packages. We hope you enjoy your playtime with Sniper Elite 5 DLC. All DLC packages will either change your weapon, character appearance or extent your Sniper Elite 5 experience. We suggest you to try them.

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