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[Leak] No Remake Game for Resident Evil in 2024

According to the famous leaker, Capcom is not planning to release any Resident Evil Remake game in 2024.

[Leak] No Remake Game for Resident Evil in 2024

New Resident Evil Remake is not Happening Soon

Capcom has been releasing Resident Evil remakes since the franchise’s early days, releasing the first Resident Evil remake a mere six years after the launch of the original game. Capcom is releasing Remake games fast since 2019, first Resident Evil 2 Remake, then after Resident Evil 3. Recently, they released Resident Evil 4 Remake. Which is the one of Remake that made a lot of success.

After the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake, fans are thinking about which Resident Evil game will be the next Remake game. At the end of Resident Evil 4 Remake, there are hints that Resident Evil 5 will get Remake. But fans are waiting for Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remake most.

Recent leak reveals bad news for Resident Evil fans, according to Resident Evil leaker AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem, Capcom is not planning to release a new Remake game in 2024. They also said that Capcom has a big game that it will be announcing at the end of 2023 for release in 2024, but it is apparently not a Resident Evil game.

This could very well mean that 2024 is going to come and go with no new Resident Evil games, which wouldn’t be terribly surprising. While a new Resident Evil game of some description has released every year since 2019, it’s not uncommon for the series to take a year or two off between releases as well.

[Leak] No Remake Game for Resident Evil in 2024

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Now, it’s important to stress that AestheticGamer didn’t say that there would be no Resident Evil games releasing in 2024, just that there will be no remakes, and the big game Capcom is soon to announce is not a Resident Evil game. Even so, fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a new RE in 2024 and may want to pin their hopes on 2025 instead.

For the mystery Capcom game, the first thing comes to mind is Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter World is the best selling game in Capcom’s history, and it has yet to have a proper follow up. It would make a great deal of sense for Capcom to focus on Monster Hunter as its big 2024 game, but fans will have to wait for the announcement to know for sure.

It’s possible said announcement could take place at The Game Awards 2023 on December 7, but that remains to be seen. In any case, time is running out for 2023, so Capcom will have to make the announcement sooner rather than later.

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