Major Nelson leaves Microsoft

Major Nelson is in our memories as a face we often see in the promotion of Microsoft’s Xbox consoles. Although we all know him as Major Nelson, his real name is Larry Hryb. Larry announced that he will no longer work with Microsoft.

Major Nelson is leaving Microsoft after a long period of work, he said it was time for a holiday

In the statement made by Larry Hryb, it was said that after 20 years of working with Microsoft, it was time for a holiday. Hryb also said that he will have fun in the warm seas of Seattle for holiday and then return to the industry for new projects. This means that even though Major Nelson has retired, Hryb will continue his business life.

Major Nelson is leaving Microsoft after a long period of work, he said it was time for a holiday

During his interview, Hryb also thanked the millions of gamers who have made Major Nelson a part of their lives. In his 20 years on Xbox, it seems that we will not see Major Nelson again as a character that gamers loved and shook hands with frequently at conferences and promotions.

Hryb also gave the signal that he could open new adventures after his holiday in the Seattle. We don’t know if we will see Hryb as another character in promotions anymore. We know that there is no realised work or signature yet.

Now that Major Nelson, the favourite of the players, has announced his retirement, it will not be a problem for Hryb to sail to new seas. In his interview, he said that he remembers his 20-year adventure very well and that it will remain beautiful in his memories.

The Microsoft adventure for Larry Hryb started in 2001. He took his first job as chief editor for MSN Music. Later, he started working in the Xbox with the title of senior project manager. What made him famous was the Major Nelson radio podcast. At the time, no one knew that this podcast would become the official Xbox podcast.

In 2012, despite taking a new and better position, Major Nelson kept his nickname. Moreover, he has always said that he is very pleased to work at Xbox and that he loves his job since the first moments of his business life.

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