Sega details what minigames to expect in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Sega details what minigames to expect in Like a Dragon Gaiden

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The iconic reformed mobster Kazuma Kiryu is returning to form alongside his charismatic successor Ichiban Kasuga in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, slated for release sometime in 2024. Meanwhile, fans of the franchise can get their hands on a spin-off title exploring Kiryu’s whereabouts behind the scenes after he faked his death in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. In true Like a Dragon style, this entry looks like minigames galore.

Sega Games details what minigames to expect in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Dropping on November 9, Like a Dragon Gaiden ranks among the most anticipated releases in 2023. The Man Who Erased His Name is set to centre around Kiryu’s double life as a secret agent working undercover for the Daidoji faction. The story kicks off when Kiryu, going by the new moniker of Joryu, is dragged back into his old gangster ways after one of his covert missions goes awry.

A gameplay trailer published three months ago revealed a style-switching mechanic that allows Kiryu to juggle between an aggressive yakuza persona and a gadget-heavy secret agent character. In addition to featuring its most legendary protagonist, Like a Gaiden appears to go back to the series’ beat ’em up roots instead of revisiting the RPG tropes introduced in most recent installations. This Kiryu-centric spin-off will also herald the return of many of the minigames the franchise is known for.

A gameplay demo disclosed at this year’s Gamescom event hyped long-time fans up before Sega went into more detail about the game’s side activities, releasing a series of screenshots in the latest edition of Famitsu magazine. A beloved feature of Yakuza 0, Pocket Circuit looks to be back in town at the CourStar bar in Sotenbori while darts makes a comeback in collaboration with the Dartslive company. Leaning into a kinkier side, Like a Dragon Gaiden will see the return of a more interactive Cabaret Club than ever as Ryo Ga Gotoku Studio switched from CGI to hyper-realistic renditions of the real-life winners of its Live Hostess Audition.

On top of roaming the Sotenbori and Isezaki Ijincho districts, players will be able to visit a third location to get their entertainment fix. Nicknamed the Castle due to its large-scale reproduction of the Osaka Castle, this yakuza-run container ship turns out to be an adult theme park sailing on international waters. Aboard this mysterious tanker lies the Coliseum, a clandestine fighting arena hosting the ultimate showdown. To beat such yakuza legends as Goro Majima, Daigo Dojima, and Taiga Saejima, players need to forge alliances and recruit resilient new members to compete in a variety of events. Different modes spruce up the fight, including special event matches that abide by their own sets of rules. This offshore hub area is also bound to include a range of casino games.

That said, Sega hasn’t elaborated on every last gambling minigame in Like a Dragon Gaiden. Poker and blackjack are a given in view of the gameplay footage. Still, the games available within the Castle’s gambling halls remain up to speculation until November. In the meantime, Like a Dragon fans can visit online platforms to scratch their casino itch. Users may even claim handsome casino bonuses. Such promotions are up for grabs for referring friends to a site or signing up to a new platform. Welcome packages usually comprise free spins and deposit bonuses, while high-roller offers and cashback deals await seasoned players. Those yet unfamiliar with the requirements and fine prints of casino bonuses can check out free online guidelines to weigh their options.

Kiryu won’t be heading to the Castle underdressed, as a brand-new customisation feature will allow players to make him look as stylish as ever – or dress up like he just doesn’t care. The Boutique is where the magic will happen, leaving Kiryu to choose what accessories and outfits to wear. Retro gamers without much of a fashion sense can also join the party. Alongside vintage arcade games like Fighting Vipers 2 and Daytona 2, a console at Kiryu’s home will give them ample opportunity to take a break from beating up bad guys, playing old school titles like Galaxy Force FM.

Although it will seemingly be shorter than its direct predecessors, Like a Dragon Gaiden looks plenty exciting already. Besides, this highly anticipated spin-off will actively bridge the gap between Yakuza: Like a Dragon and the next mainline instalment in the series. If hardcore fans needed more convincing, Gaiden will include a special trial version of Infinite Wealth.

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