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New Denuvo Technology Will Go After Leaks

The makers of the anti piracy software Denuvo have recently revealed a new technology called TraceMark for Games, which will help devs track down leaks.

New Denuvo Technology Will Go After Leaks

Denuvo Will Prevent Leaks

Denuvo’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) software was originally released in 2014 and later acquired by Irdeto in 2018. The software quickly became quite controversial, as Denuvo was pretty hard to crack and effectively stopped people from pirating some games, but was also accused of interfering with the performance of those titles. Recently, Irdeto has spread its reach beyond PC games, which led Denuvo to be available for Nintendo Switch last year.

Now, Denuvo’s developer Irdeto has announced TraceMark for Games. According to IGN’s report, this is a new watermark technology that allows devs to add unique and possibly invisible IDs for specific game files. By having files that can be easily identified, it’s expected that the new technology will help developers discover who is leaking their internal gaming files, and possibly discourage more people from sharing this sensitive information.

Currently, leaks are biggest problems for game developers. Lately, GTA6 trailer was leaked earlier from the official release date. This was unfortunate event for Rockstar Games and that’s why they released the trailer after the leak.

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Sadly, it’s worth considering that Denuvo’s new tech will not be so useful in all cases. For example, the biggest leak of 2023 was caused by ransomware, not an internal employee leaking information. The Insomniac Games leak revealed the company’s next five games, describing a roadmap of projects up to 2030, and would not have been prevented by TraceMark for Games. Nevertheless, it seems that Denuvo’s TraceMark for Games will still be welcome as a means to avoid further leaks in many cases, increasing the security in the game industry.

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