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Valorant’s new agent Gekko unveiled

According to the new shares made by Riot Games, the 22nd agent and his skills that will come to Valorant, which attracts the attention of FPS players with its agent skills, with Episode 6, Part 2, have been announced. Valorant’s new agent Gekko plans to revolutionize the game.

Valorant’s new agent Gekko

Valorant has announced that the 22nd agent it’s bringing in will be named Gekko and will be a vanguard. Like Viper is a snake, Gekko is a lizard. Like Skye’s use of wooden animals or Fade’s creatures, Gekko will have his own sweet creatures.

Gekko’s abilities

  • Dizzy: Dizzy charges and then fires plasma blasts at enemies in his line of sight. Enemies hit by his plasma will be blinded.
  • Wingman: You will use Wingman to search for enemies and send explosives at them.
  • Mosh Pit: You will throw Mosh like a grenade. Once it lands, it multiplies over a large area and explodes after a short delay.
  • Thrash: Used to connect with Thrash’s mind and guide him through enemy territory.

Gekko’s real name is Matteo and he is Spanish. Our agent, who is also from Mexico, seems to get along well with Reyna, who despises agents who are not randyants. We can see this in the recent conversation between Reyna and Gekko that Riot shared. Gekko must be a powerful agent to be on good terms with Reyna.

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