New Valve Game Deadlock Might be Leaked

Valve is known as an important company for PC gaming and people eagerly await their new games. According to a Twitter user, the next Valve game Deadlock is in development. This user is a trusted source who has made many accurate predictions about the company in the past, which adds to the credibility of the news.

New Valve Game Deadlock Might be Leaked

New Valve Game Deadlock Will Be A Third Perspective TPS

According to the user, Valve’s next game will be called Deadlock. The project was previously known as Citadel and Neon Prime. The game will be a hero-based, third-person action game. It will take place on a four-lane map where teams of six will compete. There will be various abilities and items that can be used in the game. There will also be a tower defense mechanic. The theme of the game will be more of a mix of Steampunk and fantasy. Elements such as wizards, strange creatures and robots will be present in the game. Players will be able to use floating rails, similar to Bioshock Infinite, to fast travel around the map.

Overall, the game seems to be inspired by many different franchises. Hero and skill mechanics are similar to Overwatch 2, tower defense mechanics are similar to Dota 2, while hero designs are largely inspired by the Dota universe. The main map is modeled after a modern Steampunk European city. In this respect, we can make a reference to Half-Life. The game was originally planned to have sci-fi elements similar to the Portal and Half-Life universes. However, due to negative feedback from players, this decision was abandoned and the focus shifted to fantasy.

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