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Valve Revealed New Steam Family Feature

PC gaming giant Valve has announced new Steam Family feature, which will allow players to share their games with their friends.

Valve Revealed New Steam Family Feature

New Steam Family Feature is Here

In these days, physical released of games are clearly dead, gaming companies are of course releasing their games as editions but these are for people who loves collecting their favorite games, as collector. That’s why digital releases are more popular and digital platforms are more common, such as Steam, Ubisoft Connect and more.

Steam is the most popular digital platforms of all time and Valve is releasing new features each day, making platform better for all players. Recently, Valve has released new feature for Steam Family as beta. Steam Family is available for a very long time but in this feature, you can create your own family and invite friends to become your family member and all people will share their games in this family.

In the new Steam Family feature, all family members can play shared games at the same time but they can’t play the same game. In the current Steam Family, only one person can use the same library but in the new Steam Family, all family members can use the same person’s library but different games. This is a bug update for Steam Family.

In the new Steam Family, 5 person can take place in the same family. There are 2 roles for family, Adult and Child. Adult role can access all games but Child role only access the choosen games. Let’s say you have little child and you want your child to play games but not all games. You can use this feature and share the selected games you want.

This new Steam Family is current in beta. We don’t know when it will be out for beta but this is a big update for Steam Family. Steam Family feature will be so much useful for players.

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