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Rockstar blackmailed over GTA 6

Rockstar’s known game GTA is on the agenda with the GTA 6 form for the last edit and update. It would not be wrong to say that GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games in the full sense of the word. It was learnt that Rockstar blackmailed by a young hacker about GTA 6. The material subject to blackmail is the source code of the Sequel.

Rockstar blackmailed over GTA 6 by Arion Kurtaj

You may not have heard of Arion Kurtaj before. He is a member of an illegal hacking group called Lapsus$. Arion, who is quite young, is currently facing 12 charges. Two of the charges against Arion are fraud, three are blackmail and six are under the UK Computer Misuse Act.

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Rockstar blackmailed over GTA 6 by Arion Kurtaj

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Faced with 12 separate charges, Arion Kurtaj is also on the agenda with other offences. Although he is quite young, it seems both surprising and sad that he is being sued for blackmail with such big companies.

Rockstar blackmailed over GTA 6 by Arion Kurtaj
Rockstar blackmailed over GTA 6 by Arion Kurtaj

There is a criminal complaint against Arion Kurtaj for blackmailing several companies

Kurtaj is directly accused of blackmailing other companies such as Revolut, Uber, Nvidia, BT Group as well as Rockstar. He is also accused of demanding a ransom of 4 billion dollars. There is a large audience that closely follows his court proceedings.

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Although he is the subject of accusations, it is surprising that he is not considered mentally fit to stand trial. Although no guilty or not guilty verdict will be given for the abortion, it seems somewhat comforting that the person responsible for the relevant accusations will be identified.

Rockstar also blames Arion Kurtaj for the data leaked in 2022. It is estimated that the same name is behind the blackmail situation experienced not only by Rockstar but also by Uber.

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