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Rockstar Games Confirmed GTA6 Trailer Release Date

Rockstar Games has confirmed GTA6 Trailer release date at their socials.

Rockstar Games Confirmed GTA6 Trailer Release Date

Just a Few Days Left to GTA6 Trailer

It’s been almost over a decade since the last GTA game came out. Fans are desperately asking for new GTA game. Rockstar Games have always accomplished great job with their games. Red Dead Redemption 2, one of their most popular and successful games, increased fans’ expectations from GTA6 a lot.

Almost all fans are expecting a lot from GTA6. Long gameplay, improved missions, realistic graphics and most importantly, familiar faces and places are the most expected things.

Aside from these expectations, a few videos leaked online just a few months ago. Some said this is not enough for GTA6, some said they are still improving it so don’t expect too much. We saw few things but it looks like Rockstar Games are not finished developing yet, so these videos are not enough to get a conclusion.

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After a very long time, Rockstar Games shared an information about next GTA game. According to this shared information, next GTA trailer will be released at December. But they did not give any certain date yet, thankfully this changed today.

Rockstar Games Confirmed GTA6 Trailer Release Date

According to the shared picture by Rockstar Games, next GTA game trailer, we assuma it’s GTA6, will be released at December 5, 9 AM ET.

We are happy to get a exact date for trailer. Now all we can do is wait for trailer date.

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