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GTA Vice City Moon Easter Egg Explained

We all know that one weird GTA Vice City Easter Egg about the moon. After many years of the release of the game, this Easter Egg finally explained.

GTA Vice City Moon Easter Egg Explained

Why This Moon Changing Size When We shoot at GTA Vice City?

GTA Vice City is one of old but most memorable games of all time. All gamers who were child at 2000s nearly played GTA Vice City and maybe they stuck at helicopter mission and left the game without finishing.

There are many Easter Eggs in the game. After almost +10 years of the game release, there are still unexplained Easter Eggs about the game. These Easter Eggs are like myth in the Grand Theft Auto history. But recently, one of them got an explanation.

In the GTA Vice City, if you aim your Rifle at moon and fire it, you will notice that moon changes size. There are three sizes for it: Small, Medium and Large. But why exactly this happens, why moon changes size if you shoot at it? The same goes for GTA III and San Andreas as well. Here is the explanation.

Earlier this month, former Rockstar North developer Obbe Vermeij posted some fascinating and interesting blogs chronicling the development of past GTA games and the original Manhunt. These write ups are filled with nuggets of information on how some of the most successful games ever released were actually made.

But while Vermeij has since deleted the posts voluntarily, the internet never forgets, and we can thankfully still dig into these missives and read up on why that moon Easter egg was included in GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas.

According to a blog post titled: Why does the moon change size when you snipe it, Vermeij claims that this silly secret was the result of artists being unable to agree on how big the in game moon should be in GTA III’s night sky.

GTA Vice City Moon Easter Egg Explained

“The artists gave me a texture for the moon in [GTA III]. I placed the moon in the sky, made sure it was visible at night, and that it was a reasonable size,” Vermeij explained in the post.

A few days later, Vermeij says some Rockstar North artists showed up at this desk asking if he could change the moon’s size. Vermeij told them he could and asked if the artists wanted it bigger or smaller. That’s when it became clear that some folks wanted the moon larger and more “cinematic.” However, other artists wanted the opposite, a smaller “more realistic” moon. After this argument went on for a bit, Vermeij offered a solution.

“I suggested to make the size of the moon changeable in the game,” Vermeij said. “This way they could decide in their own time and let me know the conclusion. Since I was working on the sniper rifle, I made it so that the moon toggled through three sizes (small, medium, large) as the player sniped it.”

That seemed to solve the debate and according to Vermeij; the artists at Rockstar North never came back to him about the size changing moon so he just left it in the game. That code, as mentioned already, would end up in Vice City and San Andreas. It’s even in the 2006 spin off Vice City Stories.

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Here is the explanation for the moon Easter Egg at GTA. For whole time, we thought about that Easter Egg and wondered what that exactly is it means and finally we got explanation.

GTA Vice City Moon Easter Egg Explained

We hope to see more details about the game Easter Eggs from developers. Even after the many years of the release, almost all games has unexplained Easter Eggs. We would love to hear these explanations from developers.

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