Sad news from actor Tom Sizemore

Famous actor Tom Sizemore, who starred in films such as Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, Natural Born Killers, was hospitalized after a brain hemorrhage in his home.

Actor Tom Sizemore suffered a brain aneurysm

The 61-year-old actor suffered a brain aneurysm last Saturday while at home. The actor’s manager, Charles Lago, said of his condition, “Wait and see.” So the situation remains uncertain. He said that the artist’s current condition is critical and that it is too early to make a statement about his recovery.

The actor’s first major role on the big screen was in the movie Born On The Fourth of July with Tom Cruise. In addition, his portrayal of “fatherly” and “fearless” characters in many other films ennobled him in the eyes of movie enthusiast.

However, the actor’s real-life personality is different. Sizemore, who has been imprisoned several times for drug use and violence, has been criticized and punished for his violent behavior.

Although we do not approve of his personal behavior, we must also say that the actor has been nominated for and won many awards throughout his career.

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