Saints Row’s developer studio Volition has shut down

The developer studio of Saints Row series, Volition has shut down. Let’s see what is the reason behind it.

Saints Row's developer studio Volition has shut down

Volition has shut down, no longer active

Volition studio has accomplished many successful jobs such as Saints Row games. After announcing that they will not remake the original Saints Row and Saints Row 2, fans where worried about the future of the Volition. The new Saints Row reboot game had a DLC roadmap up to August 2023 but it’s underperforming launch most likely the major role of the Embracer Group’s decision.

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Volition once struggled with the sales of Agents of Mayhem, which is also part of Saints Row series but not main game exactly. After this disaster, studio decided to make a Saints Row reboot, maybe they could fix something with this game.

After many negative things, the announcement made by Volition. Volition thanked fans for their many years of support, and announced that it would help its former developers transition into new employment opportunities elsewhere.

Saints Row's developer studio Volition has shut down

Though Embracer’s decision is effective immediately, the restructuring program of its studios has been internally known since June, which hopefully gave Volition’s employees enough time to prepare. Embracer Group previously shut down a studio less than a year old, most likely as part of the same restructuring program.

Saints Row is undoubtedly a big casualty, Embracer obtained the rights to Lord of the Rings in its latest acquisition spree, as its decentralized network of IPs continues to grow. Volition may have closed its doors forever, but ownership of the Saints Row franchise still belongs to the Embracer Group, and the Swedish video game company may decide to revisit it in the future.

While Volition is closing, the long waited Saints Row 2’s Remastered version for PC also died. Many Saints Row players were waiting for this. It is sad to witness such a great studio’s death but the games created by Volition will always be remembered.

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