Silent Hill Ascension trailer

Silent Hill Ascension trailer, which will be released later this year and will determine the course of the players, was released in the past minutes.

A Silent Hill presentation was organised by Konami last October, and in this presentation, we encountered different productions other than the Silent Hill 2: Remake announcement. One of the most striking projects among these productions was the project of the genvid team, where players will affect the course together. Silent Hill: Ascension video, which attracts attention especially with its style, was released. The video and new information about the game are as follows;

Silent Hill Ascension trailer gives us a closer look at the game

SILENT HILL: Ascension will see characters across the globe tormented by the new and terrifying SILENT HILL monsters. Lurking in the shadows, these monsters threaten to destroy the people, their children, and the places they inhabit as they retreat into the darkness due to both recent murders and long-suppressed guilt and fear.

Silent Hill Ascension trailer

In SILENT HILL: Ascension, the decisions made by the audience will determine the outcome. Which characters will survive after the episode’s final scene airs? Will those who remain be saved, damned, or suffer? Even the producers of the project do not know how SILENT HILL: Ascension will end, because the fate of all characters is in the hands of the audience.

SILENT HILL: Ascension features

  • All-new, deep, complex characters, monsters and locations in the SILENT HILL universe
  • An all-new, suspense-filled narrative based on Genvid’s real-time interactive system, where millions of viewers are instrumental in helping characters survive and change their destiny.
  • High-quality visuals that support cross-device streaming
  • Set to launch in late 2023, SILENT HILL: Ascension is a live story not to be missed on a daily basis, where each day is different from the last according to viewer actions
Silent Hill Ascension trailer
Silent Hill Ascension trailer

“SILENT HILL: Ascension will captivate audiences with the psychological horror elements that have made the SILENT HILL series so beloved by fans around the world, as well as its immersive experience, striking visuals and vibrant community-driven moments. By participating in SILENT HILL: Ascension, you will have the opportunity to leave your mark on the SILENT HILL canon with the decisions you make. Konami Digital Entertainment is partnering with Bad Robot Games and Behaviour Interactive to offer fans of the series a unique opportunity to be a part of the story.”

“SILENT HILL fans and horror fans have a lot to look forward to,” said Motoi Okamoto, Executive Producer of the SILENT HILL series at Konami Digital Entertainment, “In addition to new characters to introduce to fans of the SILENT HILL universe, we are excited to tell a new interactive story in never-before-explored locations. You will decide the fate of multiple main characters who will appear simultaneously around the world,” he continued.

Finally, Chris Amaral, Art Director of Bad Robot Games, said, “In ‘SILENT HILL: Ascension’ we’ve gone the extra mile to create a dreamlike world with disturbing, detailed characters, realm-specific monsters, unique atmospheres, and a sound and visual design that our team is proud of. The detailed environments, eerie ambience, and realistic characters and monsters will further enhance the horror experience, creating the purest form of SILENT HILL, while also offering a completely unique feel to the franchise.”

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