Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC

Remedy Entertainment made a big announcement for Alan Wake 2. The Helsinki-based company unveiled the Night Springs expansion pack and physical versions, which will offer players a new adventure.

Remedy Unveils Alan Wake 2 Night Springs Expansion Pack and Physical Editions

The Night Springs expansion for Alan Wake 2 brings a new photo mode and a new adventure in Bright Falls. Players will be able to experience the expansion on the Epic Games Store on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Night Springs consists of three episodes that offer a unique slice of the Alan Wake universe. Players will embark on a mysterious journey, managing different versions of familiar characters.

Manipulating their destiny as a Time Breaker, players will have the chance to solve mysteries and battle shadows on the North Star.

Players will encounter new twists and turns in Night Springs, including a playable arcade game and a text-based adventure. This exciting expansion will further captivate fans of Alan Wake.

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