Starfield developers didn’t forget their died fan

Starfield has tons of secrets and details, one of them are for a dedicated fan who couldn’t get a chance to experience the game.

Starfield developers didn't forget their died fan

Starfield’s important tribute to their fellow player

After five years of excitement, the game finally launched on PC and Xbox Series X earlier this week in early access. Early review are mostly positive for Bethesda’s latest work.

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A large part of game’s appeal lies in its vast explorable universe, which consists of over 1,000 procedurally generated planets filled with different environments, lifeforms, and landmarks to uncover. Players can encounter scattered civilizations and recruit NPCs to their growing space crew, navigate barren wastelands and battle hostile alien creatures, and basically tell their own stories within the massive sci-fi sandbox Bethesda has created.

Naturally, the game’s developers have hidden plenty of Easter eggs to be uncovered by eagle eyed players, and some of the game’s early fans have spotted a touching tribute to someone who couldn’t make the journey into space.

Starfield developers didn't forget their died fan

One player recently shared this tribute, which is dedicated to Alex Hay. Hay was an independent iOS app developer and fan of Bethesda games who was looking forward to the game. Unfortunately, he passed away from lung cancer in March, several months before Starfield’s early access launch.

In his honor, Bethesda placed a journal entry at the entrance of The Eye, in which Alex Hay tells anyone who finds it that he will always be with them out in the titular game.

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Unfortunately Alex Hay couldn’t get a chance to play the game himself but Bethesda didn’t forget about their fellow player. Now any player who reaches the spaceport known as The Eye can find this message, a fitting tribute to a fellow space explorer who left the real world too soon.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X.

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