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Starfield player discovered purple planet

Starfield has many planets for players to discover. Recently one Starfield player discovered a purple planet in the Muphrid system.

Starfield player discovered purple planet

Interesting Starfield purple planet discovered

Starfield’s space exploration is a little bit limited than fans expected, the real gameplay highlights have been found by surveying random worlds, getting involved in grand faction storylines, and roaming the wilderness.

The planets in Starfield are all procedurally generated outside from specific story heavy locations such as New Atlantis or Akila City. It’s a bold departure from the standard Bethesda formula, but in practice, it has done little to stop players from chasing that thrill of endless exploration.

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Meanwhile not every procedurally generated planet in Starfield is a visual marvel, even the barren moons often have interesting materials to offer. For Muphrid I, the first planet in the Muphrid system, the temperatures are too hot to support life, and it only has Uranium and Iridium to offer.

However, recently one Starfield player shared a video regarding a video about a planet which is very breathtaking, richly purple planet worth seeing.

Starfield player discovered purple planet

Planting down an outpost in Starfield to gather Iridium on Muphrid I wouldn’t be the worst idea either, as the game encourages players to establish a network of settlements and reap the rewards. Having a passive source of income is one of the best ways to finance ship building in Starfield.

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Those interesting in landing on the purple planet of Muphrid I can find the system near Cheyenne and Kryx. Luckily, it’s a Level 15 location, which means that characters can safely make their way to the Muphrid system early in their playthrough.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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