State of Decay 3 New Trailer Finally Released

After a four-year hiatus, State of Decay 3 is finally back with a new trailer. During the Xbox Games Showcase, Undead Labs shared new footage that will excite fans of the series. Six years after the last State of Decay game and more than a decade after the first game’s release, we finally have more information about State of Decay 3.

State of Decay 3 is here with new details

Undead Labs’ Big Announcement
State of Decay 3 was unveiled in 2020 with a long trailer, but it didn’t contain much information. Now Undead Labs has shared more details about the zombie-themed open world game. While the new trailer offers some emotional moments, it also showcases classic elements of the series. Aside from the zombie-killing action, there are important hints about team mechanics and how survivors will function. There are also some new mutated zombie variants and intriguing environmental details.

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