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Steam 2024 Sales Announced

Steam 2024 Sales are officially announced.

Steam 2024 Sales Announced

Steam 2024 Sales Date Are Already Here

Just before the 2024, Steam 2024 Sales are officially announced. These include themed sales events, also known as fests, as well as major seasonal events, such as Steam’s annual Summer Sale.

This included a handful of themed sales events such as the Capitalism and Economy Fest (January 8-15), the Pirates vs. Ninjas Fest (January 22-29), the Next Fest (February 5-12), the Dinos vs. Robots Fest (February 26-March 4), and the Deckbuilders Fest (March 25-April 1).

This announcement also unveiled the dates for one of Steam’s highly anticipated seasonal sales events, the Spring Sale (March 14-21). However, that’s not all for 2024. Steam announced additional sales events that are coming later in the year.

In an announcement published by Steam, the games platform announced additional 2024 sales events for users to look forward to. These include the FPS Fest (April 15-22), the Farming Fest (April 29-May 6), the Endless Replayability Fest (May 13-20), the Open World Survival Crafting Fest (May 27-June 3), another Next Fest (June 10-17), and Steam’s Summer Sale event (June 27-July 11).

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Just like we can tell from their titles, fests center around a certain theme. Each fest highlights its category of games, where users enjoy discounts on relevant titles, as well as free demos and insights into upcoming releases. The major seasonal sales, like the Summer Sale, are more wide ranging events that offer discounts on all sorts of games.

Steam 2024 Sales Announced

Newly Announced Steam 2024 Sales Events

  • FPS Fest (April 15-22)
  • Farming Fest (April 29-May 6)
  • Endless Replayability Fest (May 13-20)
  • Open World Survival Crafting Fest (May 27-June 3)
  • Next Fest (June 10-17)
  • Steam’s Summer Sale event (June 27-July 11)

Steam’s Next Fest, formerly known as the Steam Game Festival, shines a spotlight on future games by allowing fans to try out demos, chat with developers, and learn about upcoming games. Next Fest is a multi day event that runs three times a year. Many believe that it’s a great thing for Steam to do, as it allows developers to improve their products thanks to player feedback, in addition to building audiences for future games.

It’s not yet clear which games will be involved in Steam’s 2024 sales fests, but if previous fests are anything to go off of, next year’s events will include a wide range of interesting demos for users to try out. Participating in Steam fests comes at no cost to the user.

The Steam Summer Sale is probably the most anticipated event out of this group. Steam’s seasonal sales events usually offer decent discounts on popular games. And these offers sometimes extend to hardware as well, like when 2023’s Summer Sale saw the Steam Deck get a major discount.

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