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Terminator anime revealed

Netflix announced Terminator anime. Terminator will be once again back with this anime.

Terminator anime revealed

Terminator anime reveal

The Terminator will make it’s return with animated form. As part of its Geeked Week promotion, Netflix and Skydance revealed their take on the sci-fi series originally created by James Cameron, showing the first teaser for the Terminator anime.

Netflix didn’t reveal more detail about anime yet but it appears to be set just before the original films’ Judgment Day: Aug. 29, 1997. “Everything changes” on that date, the teaser warns.

When it was originally announced in 2021, showrunner and executive producer Mattson Tomlin said the anime series would “approach Terminator in a way that breaks conventions, subverts expectations, and has real guts.” Tomlin’s credits include writing the stories for Matt Reeves’ The Batman (and its sequel), Netflix’s Project Power, and Capcom’s planned Mega Man movie.

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Production I.G, the veteran anime production studio known for its work on series like Ghost in the Shell, Haikyu!!, and Psycho-Pass, is lending its creative talents to adapt The Terminator for animation.

Whether Netflix’s anime take on Terminator will turn the struggling franchise around remains to be seen. But it can really only go up from 2019’s poorly received Terminator: Dark Fate, which brought Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton back to the franchise but was a commercial failure.

We hope to see more information about Terminator anime very soon. You can watch the anime trailer down below:

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