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The Voidness release date delayed

The Voidness is a SCI-FI psychological horror game created by the developer of popular titles such as The Backrooms 1998 and Trenches. The Voidness release date have been pushed back to a few more weeks, and it’s new release date will be on 7 April, 2023.

The Voidness release date delayed

You play as a space specialist sent into space to study the mysteries void that formed into a new planet that is only filled with gloom and darkness. Your only ability to see is by scanning the map with your range finder device, which you can also find upgrades for it at a later stage.

The Voidness release date delayed

The game allows you to roam freely, scan, mark, explore and try unraveling the story – however you are not alone. Something is also lurking with you in the void and they can hear you from your microphone, breathing.

Official NEW Trailer:

Key Features:

  • Resource management: Scavage, find, and upgrade your range scanner device to make it easier to see inside the void.
  • LIDAR scanning environment: Scan the environment with your range scanner device to see in the darkness and gloom.
  • Terrifying enemies that listens: Try to make past terrifying enemies that listens, and can only be seen by scanning them with your range scanner device.
  • Puzzle Solving: Find clues, solve puzzles and try to advance to the next objectives and escape the voidness.
  • Microphone Input: When in hiding, the enemy can hear your breathing – through your microphone. Don’t breath. Don’t panic.
  • Travel between dimensions: The game takes place both in the voidness, and also inside your base. However, you are not safe in neither of them as the enemies can also attack you inside your base.
  • Scanning Turrets: Activate scanning turrets across the map inside the voidness – that can help you constantly scan the environment for landmarks.
  • Gut Wrecking Moments: Walking on broken glass can make noises that the enemy may hear, same as moving crates or knocking over objects. all these things can give away your position. Try to evade them or use them as your advantages.
  • Hiding System And Stealth: Hide from the enemies under tables, while trying to stay quiet as they can hear you from your microphone when you are in hiding mode.

The Voidness release date set to 7 April, 2023. You can buy, horror survival game, The Voidness on Steam.

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