The Witcher 3 REDkit Released

CD PROJEKT RED has released The Witcher 3 REDkit, a comprehensive and advanced modding tool for PC gamers. The tool provides access to many of the features used by the developers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Witcher 3 REDkit Features

The Witcher 3 REDkit was developed and implemented by Yigsoft in close collaboration with the CD PROJEKT RED team. The tool offers a wealth of advanced features as well as full Steam Workshop integration, making it easy to publish and use mods for both creators and casual gamers. As a redesigned, overhauled and expanded codebase of REDengine 3, it gives mod makers unprecedented freedom to create new missions, characters, locations and more. The trailer, released by CD PROJEKT RED, includes an overview of some of the modding possibilities included in the tool, as well as an overview of its key features.

The Witcher 3 REDkit is free for all owners of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC and is now available for download on GOG, Steam and the Epic Games Store. CD PROJEKT RED has also released full documentation to support modders in taking advantage of the tool’s many features, including initial setup tutorials, an overview of key features, a growing collection of how-to tutorials, a mod publishing guide, and much more.

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