There is a way to get Starfield High Quality Spacesuit early

Recently players discovered a way to get Starfield High Quality Spacesuit early in the game. Here is the details.

There is a way to get Starfield High Quality Spacesuit early

You can get Starfield High Quality Spacesuit early by this method

Every player who wants to survive against dangerous alien creatures will definitely want to have best gear possible. There are quite few options early in Starfield, but a recently discovered trick lets players get their hands on a high quality suit at the very beginning of the main quest.

One player pointed out that Starfield players can get the Mark 1 Spacesuit, Mark 1 Pack, and Mark 1 Space Helmet early in the game. This suit is found in The Lodge’s basement on a mannequin in a glass display that’s secured with a Master level lock.

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Typically, Starfield players would have to have Rank 3 in Security just to be able to attempt picking the lock with their digipicks, but it’s been discovered that placing the cursor in just the right spot lets players circumvent the lock and get the spacesuit.

Getting the Mark 1 Spacesuit and its associated pack and helmet can be done as soon as players are given the Lodge Key, which they get after joining up with Constellation and getting started with the main quest proper. To find the basement, simply enter The Lodge and take the first door on the right.

There is a way to get Starfield High Quality Spacesuit early

Head down the stairs and then take a left in the next room, which will leave players facing a bathroom. Then take a right and go all the way to the next wall to wind up in a small storage room. The suit will be sitting in the corner. It’s not even close to the best suit in the game, but it’s definitely one of the better ones players can get in the early hours.

Bethesda clearly is not aware of this trick, since they wouldn’t want players to get such a powerful spacesuit in the beginning of the game. This exploit would definitely patched in the future updates or even it’s patched in the launch version.

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Since the official launch happens, even if this trick fixed, there will be a lot exploits since more players will be playing the game. Starfield’s official release date is right around the corner, soon all open world sci-fi game fans will be able to play the game.

Starfield launches September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X.

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