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Starfield players are not happy with game maps

Recently early accessed game Starfield‘s maps is not impressed the players and most players compare maps with Bethesda’s another game Skyrim.

Starfield players are not happy with game maps

Starfield maps are not impressing for most players

Starfield is out for people who purchased early access and players started to play the game and share their reviews about the game. While there are some complains about Bethesda’s massive space RPG, general reaction shows that game received positive feedback.

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Even though Starfield reviews have been mostly positive so far, the game is certainly not without any issue. Various Starfield glitches have been reported, though the game seems to have significantly fewer game breaking bugs than past Bethesda releases. It’s clearly that Starfield is the most polished Bethesda game at launch.

Bugs are one thing, but there are some design choices in Starfield that have also rubbed fans the wrong way. Many fans have been particularly critical of Starfield’s maps. Starfield’s map system for planets and cities has been criticized for being wildly unhelpful, failing to clue fans in as to the locations of important places like shops.

Starfield players are not happy with game maps

Starfield players basically have to memorize where things are unless a mission objective is pointing it out to them. Even Starfield’s biggest fans seem to agree that the game’s maps are lackluster, but it remains to be seen if Bethesda is going to do anything about them.

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It’s likely that Bethesda will release multiple updates for Starfield post launch to fix bugs and address other issues, but changing the map system is not likely. Perhaps such a big update could be wrapped up with one of Starfield’s premium DLC packs, of which at least two are planned, but that’s just speculation at this time.

Bethesda hasn’t provided much detail about what fans can expect from Starfield’s DLC offerings, but fans do know that the Shattered Space DLC is first in line. What exactly Shattered Space will entail remains to be seen, but it will definitely be interesting to see what the DLC will add to the already expansive experience.

Starfield launches September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X.

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