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This strategy will make you feel bad for Elden Ring Malenia

A new discovered strategy will make you feel bad for Elden Ring Malenia after you defeat her because this way is much easier.

This strategy will make you feel bad for Elden Ring Malenia

Elden Ring Malenia is so easy with this strategy

FromSoftware’s open world video game Elden Ring offers players challenging experience. That’s why the bosses along your way requires many attempts to overcome. Meanwhile this strategy makes the Elden Ring Malenia surprisingly easy, who is thought to be the hardest enemy in the game.

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Elden Ring Malenia is one of the most well known bosses in the game, even more than the final boss, the Elden Beast. The main reason is that Malenia was designed with an arsenal of combos and abilities that make her very difficult to beat. This has led to internet challenges among fans, finding various ways to defeat Malenia quickly and efficiently

One player shared a clip of Elden Ring demonstrating how to defeat Malenia in such an easy manner that it evokes pity for a boss who is supposed to be one of the most challenging.

In the video, it can be observed that the strategy involves partly fighting the boss with a companion’s assistance. While one of them continuously strikes Malenia with a weapon ability that some users jokingly refer to as the “Cole Train,” in homage to Augustus Cole, the well known character from the Gears of War series.

The strategy involves delivering forward punches almost in a straight line, like a train. The second player executes powerful jumping attacks that chip away a significant portion of her health.

This strategy will make you feel bad for Elden Ring Malenia

The trick is that the player who keeps striking Elden Ring Malenia continuously doesn’t necessarily inflict damage but aims to break her posture and keep her in a constant state of inactivity, so she can never attack or deal damage.

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Then the second player has a free pass to land jump attacks and deplete her health very easily. Malenia becomes utterly defenseless against this strategy and is defeated in just over a minute. This demonstrates, among other things, that the ingenuity of dedicated players can make even the most complicated boss seem easy. Many other users expressed their surprise and delight at seeing this challenging boss defeated so effortlessly.

Elden Ring Malenia is one of bosses who divides players’ opinions. Some players hate her because she caused many problems during the game, others love her for the same reason. Also some people admire her because the challenging boss fight session. Undoubtedly, with this strategy, Elden Ring Malenia will be satisfying to defeat.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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