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Elden Ring Runes Farming: Dupe Runes

Elden Ring Runes is a currency and player’s EXP for Merchants. You will drop any Runes in your possession at the site of your death. If you die again before reclaiming those Runes, they will be lost forever.

The compass at the top of the screen indicates the direction of the lost Runes. In this guide, we will show you all details about Runes and how to farm runes in Elden Ring for it as well.

How to Get Elden Ring Runes?

In Elden Ring, Enemies are the main source of Runes. Defeating the inhabitants of the Lands Between will award you both Runes and items. Occasionally enemies have golden glowing eyes, indicating that they will drop big amount of Runes which different they usually do.

Bosses are a substantial source of Runes. Conquering the strongest of enemies merits a bounty of Runes. Remembrances drop from certain bosses upon defeat which can be consumed for Runes or exchanged for powerful items. During Multiplayer Co-op, the Host receives 75% of the boss’s Rune reward and Cooperators receive 25%.

Golden Rune Consumables are a reliable source of Runes. Just like all items, they are not lost on death so you can store them up and use them when you need a few more Runes.

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How to Get Elden Ring Runes?
How to Get Elden Ring Runes?

How to Use Runes in Elden Ring?

You can use leveling up after meeting with Melina at any site of grace. Players can spend Runes to increase their stats. Players have an opportunity to reallocate attribute points later through Rebirth.

Runes allows you to buy variety of items, weapons and other goods from the more sociable denizens of the Lands Between from Merchants.

Occasionally, merchants offer certain items with an unlimited stock, accommodating even the greatest of spending sprees.

How to Farm Runes in Elden Ring?

Farming Runes in Elden Ring is depends on player’s choice, it’s recommended that players who want to farm Runes obtain the Golden Scarab talisman as early as possible, as it increases Runes Reward by 20%. In order to further increase Rune rewards, it’s possible in the late gamet o efficiently farm for Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot to increase Rune rewards by a further 30% for a total increase of 56%.

Here is the Rune Farming Locations for Elden Ring Between Game Sections

Elden Ring Rune farming
How to Get Elden Ring Runes?

Early Game (1-35)

In Gatefront Ruins: Farm the enemies in the ruins. Use Spirit Ashes to clear out the encampment quickly.

By Limgrave Tower Bridge Site of Grace: After defeating Margit The Fell Omen, farm the three Golems along the bridge.

Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace: If you run past enemies on Torrent, you can get to this midgame location very early. Two groups of enemies are fighting next to this Site of Grace. Jump onto the cliff to the west and let them kill each other. Each run takes a few minutes but it’s a both low risk and low effort way to farm.

Mid Game (35-75)

By Lenne’s Rise: Go down the slope. A ball will spawn and try to smash you, but you can turn right, dodge the ball and let it fall down the cliff. Then continue down the path a short way for another identical ball, just under an overhanging tree.

One run takes around 30 seconds and doesn’t require any fighting. Make sure the ball goes off the side of the cliff and it’s close enough that you can get the Runes.

How to Farm Runes in Elden Ring?
How to Get Elden Ring Runes?

Late Game (75+)

By Dragonbarrow Fork Site of Grace: Go up the slope and fight 16 poisoned Guardians. These have 983 HP so this farming spot requires a high damage output.

By Lower Capital Church Site of Grace: Kill the Omenkiller right outside, then run straight down into the sewers, turn left and then righh, ignoring the Rats and Lessser Fingercreepers along the way and kill the Broken Statue at the end. Takes around 30 seconds.

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By Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace: Stand of the cliffside and shoot the large bird at the other end. The arrow should hit the bird when it shows it’s back to the player. It will run towards the player and fall off the cliff.

A run takes 15 to 20 seconds once you find the perfect spot to stand. Once you have defeated Elden Beast, you can also use the Sacred Relic Sword’s Wave of Golden skill to kill all the nearby Albinaurics. This spot is accessible in the mid game when you beat Goldrick the Grafted by doing White Mask Varre’s quest and obtaining the Pureblood Knight’s Medal.

Killing the Albinaurics using a single Wave of Gold rewards about 32,000 Runes from the right spot. Note that it’s very advantageous to quickly go into NG+ in order to farm Runes, as the reward received from enemies is doubled, makes farming more efficient.

By Prayer Room Site of Grace: Head out the northern opening to clear out several easy knights around the wall. Fast travel back to prayer room before reaching the room toward the bottom with the two larger and more difficult knights.

How to Get Elden Ring Runes?
How to Get Elden Ring Runes?

Great Runes in Elden Ring

  • Great Rune Of The Unborn (Raya Lucaria Academy)
  • Phantom Great Rune (Divine Tower of East Altus)
  • Godrick’s Great Rune (The Divine Tower of Limgrave)
  • Mohg’s Great Rune (The Divine Tower of Forbidden Lands)
  • Rykard’s Great Rune (The Divine Tower of West Altus)
  • Radahn’s Great Rune (Divine Tower of Caelid)
  • Morgott’s Great Rune (Divine Tower of East Altus)
  • Malenia’s Great Rune (Isolated Divine Tower)

How to Equip a great rune?

Once a Great Rune has been activated, you can equip it at a Site of Grace. You must utilise a Rune Arc to provide you with its benefits .

How to Duplicate Runes in Elden Ring?

There is a tricky way to duplicate Runes, since it takes a lot of time to farm for Runes, if you’re out of options, you’re welcome to try this trick and duplicate your Runes.

How to Duplicate Runes in Elden Ring?
How to Get Elden Ring Runes?

Here is the step by step guide for this:

  • Make sure you have a backup of your Elden Ring data.
  • PC: Close the game and type %appdata% into the search bar. To access the Elden Ring, open the folder that appears and then open the topmost folder. This document must be in SL2 format. Select the right-click menu and then copy this file to a safe location.
  • When selecting Elden Ring from the PlayStation menu, select Save Data Management from the Options menu by pressing the Options button. When the options screen appears, go to Saved Data and Cloud Storage to upload a recent save file.
  • To use this approach, you must subscribe to PlayStation Plus.
  • If you want to quit Elden Ring on Xbox, go back to the main menu, hover over Elden Ring, press the Menu button, and then pick Close Game.
  • Recruit a friend to join you in your game.
  • You should hold off on moving further until your friend has joined the Elden Ring session.
  • Place the goods you want to share via Duplicate here.
  • You should leave Elden Ring with a significant amount of Runes rather than just a few. Golden Runes, Numen’s Runes, and Hero’s Runes should all be abandoned.
  • You need have a friend pick up your stuff.
  • Leave the Elden Ring to end the game completely.
  • You can load your previous save game.
  • Open the save you made before letting go of your items, then restart Elden Ring to retrieve them.
  • PC: When the game has finished loading, copy your save file to a safe location, and then overwrite the current save in the Elden Ring file menu.
  • To use Cloud Save on your PlayStation, go to the Options menu and the Save Data Management submenu.
  • The Xbox should be turned off entirely before attempting to access the Elden Ring.
  • Get your items back.
  • Possibility of having your acquaintance return to another session to drop off your belongings.

This method can be continued until you have amassed a large enough supply to spend many Runes on upgrades. This will save you time and energy repeatedly battling the same hordes of foes.

Dupe Runes
How to Get Elden Ring Runes?

How Do You Get Runes in Elden Ring?

You can basicly get Runes by defeating your enemies. For farming Runes easier, we talked about farming locations for Runes in the beginning of our guide.

How Many Runes to Level up Elden Ring?

The max level possible is a grand total of 713, achievable when all eight attributes are capped at 99 points. This would require 1,692,566,842 Runes totally.

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How to Dupe Runes in Elden Ring Xbox?

Getting huge amount of Runes are pretty tough in Elden Ring, especially if you’re trying to level up easy and quick. Duping Runes is a great way to level up faster. We shared some tips for you to dupe your Runes in Elden Ring in the section where we talk about getting Runes easier by dupping them.

That’s everything about Runes in Elden Ring. We shared everything about Runes, have a good farming and enjoy your game.

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