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Voice Actor James McCaffrey Has Died at Age 65

James McCaffrey, mostly known for his leading performances in the Max Payne trilogy, has died at 65 from cancer.

Voice Actor James McCaffrey Has Died at Age 65

Sad News from James McCaffrey

A long time voice actor in Remedy Entertainment titles, McCaffrey starred not only as Max Payne, but also as Alex Casey in Alan Wake 2 and Zachariah Trench in Control. His recognizable voice made him famous around all projects he became part of.

He also made a name for himself on TV, where he starred as Jimmy Keefe in Rescue Me and featuring in numerous other programs, including Law and Order: SVU and Blue Bloods. McCaffrey’s career extended to film as well, where he turned out notable performances in movies like 1994’s Viper.

As reported by TMZ, McCaffrey passed away on December 17, 2023 from multiple myeloma. A representative for the actor issued a statement announcing his unfortunate passing and praising McCaffrey’s committment to character-building: “One of Dick Wolf’s proteges, McCaffrey went on to a successful 35 year career in television and film. Trained at the Actor’s Studio, he never lost his love for creating characters; however, his good looks often pushed him toward leading man roles.” McCaffrey is survived by his wife and daughter.

McCaffrey may not have been as prolific in the gaming sphere as some other actors, but his impact on the industry was immeasurable. When Rockstar acquired the rights to the Max Payne franchise and developed Max Payne 3 without Remedy, McCaffrey still reprised his role as the titular character, proving himself to be crucial to the essence of the franchise. While he would not play a protagonist in Control or Alan Wake 2, his performances were nonetheless memorable and key to the identity of those titles.

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Voice Actor James McCaffrey Has Died at Age 65

Max Payne 3 was cinematic in the way that contemporary games often are, with impressive visuals and cinematography, but the first two entries in the series were far more minimal on the visual front. Because of this, the high stakes, gritty stories of those games were carried by McCaffrey’s voice performance.

Of course, the Max Payne franchise would likely not have been as influential or significant without him. It’s possible that fans will hear McCaffrey’s voice once more in the upcoming Max Payne remakes, which will hopefully serve as a moving tribute to the beloved actor.

We are sorry to hear that James McCaffrey has passed away at age 65. This world will not forget his voice and the place he had in the industry.

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