What is Assassin’s Creed Isu Civilisation?

Assassin’s Creed Mirage release date has been moved forward one week to 5 October 2023. Before the release of the new game, we wanted to look at the history of the game and refresh our knowledge. In this context, we will answer some questions about the game. In our first article, “What is Assassin’s Creed Isu Civilisation?” we answer the question.

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What is Assassin’s Creed Isu Civilisation? In this article, there is information about the Assassin’s Creed series that contains spoilers in general.

As you can guess, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Assassin’s Creed is assassins. Because this is the name of the game itself! Assassins… Assassins… An organisation that hides in the shadows for the good of the people in a belief window and organises assassinations for the welfare of the society.

And another organisation, the Templars, which has a completely opposite consensus with this organisation. A story about the bloody war of two organisations that has been going on for centuries. This is roughly the story behind the scenes of Assassin’s Creed games.

What is the Assassin’s Creed Isu Civilisation? What Lies Behind the Mythology?

Well, what if I say that there is a science fiction side of this deep-rooted structure, apart from the history and philosophy in the series, which seems to be independent of all these, but at the same time at the same time connected? For example, that the great war between the Templars and the assassins, which has existed for years and still continues to exist, does not actually make any sense…

According to the fictional story in the series, do you know that all the concepts that we know today as mythology, that we see as a legend, are actually the Isu, the subject of our article? The Isu, which is called this advanced human species, constitutes the main story of the Assassin’s Creed series at some point.

The dominance of the Isu over mankind

There is not much information about the origins of this race, which is said to be an advanced human species that established the first global civilisation on Earth. However, according to the story, it is told that they existed 77 thousand years ago and were much more advanced than today’s world in terms of technology.

Today’s mobile technologies, space engineering, quantum physics, artificial intelligence, etc. even the highest level sciences you can think of remain primitive in the enormous order established by the Isu. Because Isular, this may sound strange, but the artificial intelligence, which is the subject of today’s discussions, has already been invented thousands of years ago.

Again, the topic of machine learning, which is talked about a lot these days, and how machines may pose a threat to us in the future, was also on the agenda of the Isu in those years. In fact, the Isu’s understanding of the machine is different and more unethical than ours. As a matter of fact, for the Isu, a machine is a human being in a context!

In the story of the Assassin’s Creed series, according to the Isu, one of the reasons for the existence of the human race;

To create a potential society to meet their own needs and create an obedient labour force. They do this by changing the genetics of primate species. As a matter of fact, the understanding of the theory of evolution as we know it today will also find a place in this fictional story. But besides all this, the human race is an intelligent being. As time progresses, it is thought that it may pose a threat to the Isu civilisation and some decisions are taken at the end of the day. These decisions are far from such a civilised, or rather a so-called civilised society.

The Isular begin to develop a series of technological tools in order to gain more dominance over the human race. The Apple of Eden, or in other words, the Apple of Eden, which we see in the series and which the assassins and the Templars eat each other to obtain, is one of these tools.

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What is Assassin’s Creed Isu Civilisation? Apple of Eden

Adam and Eve, Phanes, Hybrids and Eagle Vision

In short, the Isus have succeeded in achieving what they wanted up to a point. They have established an absolute dominance on earth by labouring mankind like a slave and have become ‘masters’, so to speak. However, an Isu scientist named ‘Phanes’ among them makes a big mistake and this mistake costs the whole Isu race.

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Phanes fell in love with one of the humans he genetically modified. This is also the first example of an emotional bond between an Isu and a human. However, his own race does not accept this situation and Phanes flees to Atlantis with his beloved. After a while, Phanes’ wife becomes pregnant with a baby girl. The child’s name is Eve!

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What is Assassin’s Creed Isu Civilisation? First Hybrid Eve (while stealing the Apple of Paradise)

Eve is unaffected by the ancient technology used by the Isu. Because she is a hybrid, the Isu blood coursing through her veins sets her apart from other ordinary people. Therefore, she does not consent to her own race being treated like a slave. Years later, he will unite with a human named Adam and lead the human side in the ten-year-long Human-Isu war. And his children born from Adam will be a hybrid just like him, and will continue his special lineage, albeit a little special. The two characters Kassandra and Alexios in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, their grandfather Leonidas, and even Pythagoras in Atlantis are examples of human hybrids.

In fact, the ability called Eagle Vision, which is used as a mechanic in almost the entire series, is also a feature that comes from the Isus. As a result of hybridisation between humans and Isus for thousands of years, some humans;

(we mostly see this feature in the assassins we control).

An extra emotional perception has been formed. Even if we call this perception a sixth sense in today’s terms, its meaning for the Isu is Knowledge.

The Great Catastrophe

As a result of the rebellion started by the duo Adam and Eve, a long war between the human race and the Isular takes place for exactly 10 years. While mankind fights hard against the Isular to gain the freedom they deserve, the Isular fight to preserve their established order that has lasted for thousands of years.

Many casualties are suffered. Perhaps the bloodiest war since the history of the world is this war. Both sides eat each other on the basis of the values they find right. But unfortunately, both sides are too blind to see the truth.

Because of their greed, they do not realise the great disaster that is approaching. As a matter of fact, this catastrophe does not have a class distinction such as human or Isu. Because what is in question is the end of our world in the solar system.

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What is the Assassin’s Creed Isu Civilisation? An image from the Great Cataclysm (Assassin’s Creed 3)

After the catastrophe, almost all of the world’s living population, mostly the Isu race, is wiped out. Afterwards, the whole world begins to rise from the ashes. Moreover, since the human race is in the majority compared to the Isu, a number of new views emerge as time progresses. According to the general story in the Assassin’s Creed series, the mythological characters and even mythological creatures we know today are actually the Isu race that survived the great disaster. For example, Odin, a character in Norse mythology, is actually an Isu. Just like Poseidon in Greek mythology.

But why is this so? In other words, why do human beings eventually put such beings in the guise of gods? Are Isus superior to humans?

Actually, they are. Especially physically, they are much more durable, much taller or much stronger than an ordinary human being. They are unique beings that can adapt to any kind of technology they have used for thousands of years. The sixth sense concept I just mentioned also allows them to be one step ahead compared to humanity. This inevitably leads this race to be seen as superior by humans. This is roughly the basic basis of myths and legends in world history.

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What is Assassin’s Creed Isu Civilisation? Odin, known as the Allfather in Norse mythology, but an Isu

What I am going to tell you now is much more important than the topics I mentioned throughout the article and is much more related to the upcoming Mirage game.


During the great catastrophe, the majority of the population was wiped out, a small group survived in shelters built with superior technologies and rebuilt today’s world. But some Isular resort to new methods that no one would have thought of during the cataclysm. Reincarnation!

According to the story in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, these Isular are reincarnated. In fact, they are the glorious names of the Aesir of Norse mythology;

Odin, Tyr, Thor and Loki are some of the faces that appeared during the golden age of the Vikings.

  • Eivor is Odin.
  • Sigurd is Tyr,
  • Halfdan and are Thor and of course Loki are Basim ibn Isaac!

In all Assassin’s Creed games released so far, the Isular have either appeared as a hologram or manifested on an object thanks to their consciousness they had previously transferred. However, what happens in Valhalla is a game changer. This time we see the time of the great disaster from a different perspective. Under the leadership of Odin, a group of eight people sitting at a large table transfer their consciousness to separate foetus hives and thus come to the world again.

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What is the Assassin’s Creed Isu Civilisation? Just before Odin and Tyr reincarnate

It may be a bit surprising for those who hear it for the first time, but the ending in Valhalla points to this. As you know, the main character of Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be Basim. Let’s keep this information in our pocket, because somehow Basim’s story will be connected with Loki. Now we will see together when the time comes.


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