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What Is The Most Expensive Skin in CS2?

Valve’s popular shooter once again impresses with its cosmetic items and their prices. Until now, the most expensive skins were considered AWP | Dragon Lore, M4A4 | Howl, as well as some knives. In 2024, the list was topped by a new skin. You will learn most expensive skin in CS2 in this article.

The Most Expensive Skin in CS2

A Chinese gamer managed to get an expensive skin in Counter-Strike 2. This is a rare skin for an AK-47 from the StatTrak series. In total, there are nine such skins in the StatTrak line, which previously appeared only in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Ten years after the release of the StatTrak series, the AK-47 | Case Hardened (pattern #661) in a Factory New version with a frag counter support appeared in the game.

What Are The Chances of Getting AK-47 | Case Hardened With Pattern #661?

To date, it is unknown how the Chinese player obtained the AK-47 | Case Hardened with pattern #661. It is quite possible that this was a drop from a case, or that the skin was crafted. This skin is included in the CS:GO Weapon Case. If it was a drop, then the chance of getting such a rare skin is 1 in 21 million. The drop of such a rare case is simply incredible because there is only a 1.585% chance of dropping an AK-47 Case Hardened, while the chance that the skin will support the frag counter is 10%. Moreover, there is a 3% chance that the skin will be of Factory New quality, and pattern #661 is a rare coincidence, because the chance is only 0.1%.

The Most Expensive Skin in CS2
What Is The Most Expensive Skin in CS2?

How Much Does the Most Expensive Skin in CS2 Cost?

Collectors and experienced traders evaluate the AK-47 skin | Case Hardened with pattern #661 at almost $1,000,000. However, the actual cost of this skin depends on the desires and budget of collectors. Just like in the painting market, the cost of AK-47 | Case Hardened with pattern #661 will be known to the CS2 community only after the skin is sold.

What Determines The Value of Skins in CS2?

Skins in CS2 are a separate market with their own rules, demand, and earning patterns. It is somewhat similar to the stock market, except that skins do not pay dividends. But what affects the value of skins?

  • Skin connection with professional players. If the skin appears among pro players, then the price can skyrocket for a few days. Let’s assume that today Team N becomes the winner of the Major. If the TOP fragger used AWP | Graphite, then this skin can grow two or three times, but then, as expected, it will fall.
  • The limited number of skins in the game can also increase the cost of a particular skin.
  • Skins that are gradually becoming antique. This, for example, happened with the AK-47 skin | Redline, which has risen in price by more than $5 since 2017. And here is the rule: there are few skins, there are many players, there are many people who want to have a skin, and there is also a lot of demand, but there are few offers. Therefore, prices can be raised.
  • Degree of wear. Skin in a Factory New quality is several times more expensive than a Battle-Scarred quality skin, although there are exceptions on the market.
  • StatTrak counter. Skins with a StatTrak counter cost 20-50% more than the same skins without StatTrak support. There are exceptions when a skin without a monitor with the number of kills looks just fine, but with it, it looks disgusting. Although, there are actually a couple of exceptions.
  • Stickers. If the skin has expensive stickers, then the price increases by 70% of the cost of the sticker.

Other Expensive Skins in CS2

Besides AK-47 | Case Hardened has many other valuable skins in the game that you can take a look at.

AWP | Dragon Lore (Souvenir version)

This is by far the most expensive AWP in the game. There are not many owners of such a skin, but its price goes through the roof to incredible limits. The cost may exceed $410,000. In addition, the skin has an incredibly beautiful design.

M4A4 | Howl

M4A4 | Howl has generated much controversy and has gained a reputation for being extremely expensive, reaching prices in excess of $35,000 for the Factory New version with StatTrak metering.

The skin was originally classified as Covert, but it was later revealed that its artwork was plagiarized, forcing Valve to redesign it and reclassify it as Contraband. Due to these changes, the demand for the M4A4 | Howl has grown exponentially. Its value has skyrocketed due to its controversial origins and limited availability.

With an exceptional design that sets it apart from others and makes it a prized possession for CS2 collectors, this skin has further cemented its position as one of the most expensive in the game.

AWP | Gungnir

AWP | Gungnir is notable for its popularity and the high price of the skin. Inspired by Odin’s spear, the skin has a sleek design. Collectors and players alike were captivated by AWP Gungnir’s striking appearance, making it a universal favorite. Its cost exceeds $10,000.

AK-47 | Wild Lotus

AK-47 | Wild Lotus is an incredibly rare and valuable skin, decorated with a mesmerizing floral design. Prices for new models can cost around $20,000.

This exquisite skin gives the AK-47 an elegance and grace that collectors will love. Its rarity and stunning appearance make the Wild Lotus model highly sought after by enthusiasts. The skin’s rarity and high price elevate its status among serious CS2 collectors, solidifying its position as the most coveted skin in the game.


You can find the mentioned skins in the best CS2 cases, in particular Operation Phoenix Weapon Case and CS:GO Weapon Case. Some players see skins as an investment item. They can buy skins in the hope that their value will increase in the future and then be sold at a profit.

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