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Avatar: Way of Water review

You’ll read our opinions about the movie in our Way of Water review.The first Avatar movie was one of the productions that managed to leave a mark on the cinema industry. The movie sequel, which reflects this success to the box office, is being released exactly 13 years later. Like many of you, I loved the first movie very much.

Although I still personally regret that it was the movie that introduced 3D glasses to the industry, I have to say that at least I accept that it uses it properly. I should also note that during the preview, as I sat in my seat in the theater and started to wait for the movie, I was a bit startled when the theater attendant reminded me “Don’t forget to take your glasses”. I immediately ran to get my glasses and even though I don’t like this glasses thing, I have to admit in advance that the movie did the 3D thing justice.

So, let’s start to our Avatar: Way of Water review.

Avatar: Way of Water review

The Way of water review: How is the new Avatar movie?

Avatar: The Water’s Edge actually doesn’t change the already working structure of the first movie in terms of functioning. I can say that it spread the story over a wider area with new characters and new regions of Pandora on the same skeleton. As you may remember from the first movie, humanity comes to the planet Pandora and puts a lot of pressure on the locals to take over the resources here. Of course, we were witnessing how the story changed when Jack Sully, who had his brother’s DNA, joined the Avatar program.

When you came out of the first movie, if we asked “what do you think the sequel would be like?”, most of us would say that mankind would not give up this energy source easily. As a matter of fact, this is what happens in the movie, as the story is told as a short summary in the first minutes, we witness the Na’vi sending the remaining humans back to earth. Of course, these peaceful days come to an end when the floating ships reappear in the skies of Pandora.

The adolescent Na’vi are also unbearable

Of course, as we can see on the Avatar final trailer, there is a long time jump between the first movie and the second movie. Here we see that Jack Sully and Neytiri have children. Anyway, the main story is mostly told through the eyes of these children. These new characters are at the center of the story. As we watch, we realize that puberty problems are not unique to us. The young people of the Na’vi race are also trying to cope with puberty problems and putting their parents in a difficult situation.

The fact that this situation of disobedience is constantly experienced in the movie and continues until the last moment of the movie is a bit unpleasant. I frankly didn’t like the fact that the same problems always arise in the movie despite the constant dialogues of “- Son, stay here – OK sir”. I mean, I think it would have been enough if this process had happened a few times. They made a bit of a fool of the audience in this regard.

Despite its 190-minute duration, the movie never slows down in terms of tempo. Of course, as in the first movie, Pandora is designed in a very beautiful way. With the developing technology, James Cameron has managed to get the job done again in underwater shootings, which are much more challenging. It is really enjoyable to see the underwater beauties of Pandora and explore brand new regions.


The underwater creatures, the vegetation, the tremendous visuals that emerge during the eclipse make you pay close attention to the movie. In other words, you continue to watch the movie with great pleasure even if it shows the surroundings like a documentary. As I said, even though there are similarities in the story of the movie, this process does not slow down the pace at all. Cameron has managed to make us feel that Pandora is a living, breathing planet.

At the beginning of the movie, of course, we often see familiar areas. Nevertheless, most of the movie takes place in the settlement area of the Metkayina tribe, that is, in the wetlands. At this point, you actually feel that the movie is shaped on the social message underneath. The endless pursuit of energy resources by human beings, the destruction of forests, and how we are destroying underwater life are all revealed through Pandora. Whaling is the most emphasized of these messages. After a certain point, you get attached to the movie just like the Na’vi get attached to mother nature. It is very important to preserve that feeling despite the similar formula.

Avatar 2 Sea Creatures

As I said, the pace of the movie is shaped through the children. In addition to the addition of new characters with the new region, this time there is a human child in the middle of the events and it adds a different flavor to the scenario. The character played by Stephen Lang is again busy triggering the action as expected. The side characters are a bit unbalanced.


Despite the long running time, you witness that some of the characters are too many and some of the names get erased too much. For example, before the shooting of the movie, I was very happy that Kate Winslet would be in the movie. But the character she played was so obscure that when I saw her name in the Credits section, I thought “Oh, there was Kate Winslet in this movie”.

Avatar War Machines

Avatar: The Way of the Water builds on the already successful and blockbuster plot and manages to bring together new characters, new locations and a high level of viewing pleasure. It doesn’t leave as much impact as the first movie because we know certain content, but it connects you enough to get lost in the beautiful world of Pandora. I also liked that he added some mysteries for the sequel, but after the jungle theme in the first movie and the water theme in the second movie, I don’t want them to appear in a similar movie by saying “let’s see the Na’vi living in the mountains now”. I hope Cameron has interesting ideas for the sequels. As a result, I can say that it was a good box office movie that you will not get bored while watching despite its long duration.

We hope you enjoyed our Avatar 2: Way of Water review. If you like it, you can share your thoughts in the comments section.

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