Big Recruitment Starts for Bioshock

Cloud Chamber, the studio founded by 2K to add new games to the BioShock franchise, has announced that it is ramping up its hiring process nearly four and a half years after its founding. The studio has been silent for a long time, but according to an employee on LinkedIn, it now has several new job openings.

Big Recruitment Starts for Bioshock

BioShock Studio Cloud Chamber Expands Recruitment with 30 New Positions

Cloud Chamber’s hiring page has 30 job openings for offices in Novato, California and MontrĂ©al, Quebec. These positions include two Senior AI Animators, a Senior Character Artist, a Senior Cinematic Lighting Artist, two Senior Lighting Artists, two Senior Material Artists, a Senior Modeler to work on Organic models, and two Technical Material Artists.

Additionally, the studio is looking for a Lead Rendering Engineer, a Lead Rendering Programmer, two Tools Support Specialists, two Co-Development Lead Level Designers and a Narrative Designer. There will also be hiring for a Senior Combat Designer, a Senior Level Designer, a Technical Designer, an Executive Producer, two Producers, and a Senior Producer (Animation). The team is also looking for a Senior Writer.

This large-scale hiring demonstrates the scope of projects Cloud Chamber is working on and the studio’s growth ambitions. Furthermore, these hires signal that the development of the new BioShock game is still in its early stages and that it will be some time before the game is released. This is supported by rumors of a game reboot in May 2023, which could lead to a delay. On the other hand, the release of Judas, the new game from BioShock series creator Ken Levine, seems to be closer, but there is no exact release date yet.

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