Clockwork Revolution Announced

In the Xbox Showcase presentation, Fable video, Starfield details and many other important announcements were made. One of these announcements was undoubtedly Clockwork Revolution, the new game of inXile Entertainment. The game, which is one of the productions that marked the presentation, brings some exciting details with it.

Clockwork Revolution announced with it’s first video

First of all, what makes this game so important is, of course, that inXile Entertainment is behind it. Founded by Brian Fargo and one of the Xbox studios, inXile has previously produced important games such as Bard’s Tale, Wasteland series and Torment: Tides of Numenera. Already, the company seems to be launching a game that has RPG dynamics in the new game and where the story fiction stands out.

Clockwork Revolution is set in an alternate world inspired by the Steampunk atmosphere and the Victorian era. The theme of the past and the future has a very important place in the game, which takes place in a metropolis called Avalon. The changes you have made in the past will directly affect the world of the game and we will be able to encounter a very different world and storyline.

Clockwork Revolution will feature a world where steam trains fly through the sky, wealthy industrialists replace their limbs with fancy clockwork prosthetics, and mechanical henchmen fulfill their master’s every wish. Using a time travel device in the game, we will fight against Lady Ironwood, who changed her pivotal moments in Avalon’s history. The announcement video of the game, which has not yet been released, is as follows;

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