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Division mobile: The Division Resurgence

We take a look at the general features of The Division Resurgence, which we can also call the Division Mobile version, in our first look content.

In the Division mobile version, we take a look at the new version of the series that made a sound on the PC platform, called The Division Resurgence. As you know, Ubisoft has signed one of the most important series of the company with Tom Clancy’s Division games and made this series a well-known brand in the gaming world, especially after the video of the first game. In the first game, while we were on the streets of New York, the sequel took us all the way to Washington.

In the game, as you know, we saw how a virus distributed over money affected the world. Considering the pandemic period, it is possible to say that we have seen firsthand how fast this kind of virus can spread.

Division mobile is coming: The Division Resurgence - 4
Division mobile is coming: The Division Resurgence

Division mobile is coming: The Division Resurgence

Division Resurgenge, which we can also call Division Mobile, takes us to the streets of New York as in the first game. After choosing our character and class in the game, we find ourselves in the middle of the conflict. Class distinction is important here because you also decide what kind of game style you will stick to. It is possible to focus on features such as weapons, equipment or more healing.

As a Division agent, our goal is of course to help people by maintaining order here. At this point, a system where we go on different missions is used in the story part as in the main games. Although there are usually guerrilla conflicts, different missions such as area protection, civilian rescue or bomb disposal are included from time to time. I can say that I especially liked the bomb disposal part with the benefit of the touch screen. It is quite simple but the application side is enjoyable. Maybe if there are more complicated solutions in the future, this part can become much more enjoyable.

Division mobile: The Division Resurgence - 1
Division mobile: The Division Resurgence

In the Division series, the importance of equipment and the skills you receive has always been high. They managed to transfer this structure to the mobile side. You become more effective on the playing field thanks to the equipment and the abilities you unlock as you level up. On the weapon and equipment side, of course, there are customisations and cosmetic options.

These abilities also unlock new equipment. It is possible to find different equipment and weapons from enemies, at the end of missions or from the crates in the game area. Helmets, knee pads, armour, hats, etc. all the equipment you will get affects your character traits, of course, the level of the opponents is as important as your level. Especially with strong enemies, you can enter into struggles where you need to empty all the magazines in your hand.

Division mobile: The Division Resurgence - 2
Division mobile: The Division Resurgence

Here, of course, our main skills are very important. These abilities differ according to the class you choose. I preferred the demolitionist class because I like the attack side more. In this class, of course, features such as bombs and turret are very important. Apart from the classic grenade, it is quite enjoyable to use Divison’s bombs that chase the opponent. In addition, the turret you will set up on the playing field really relieves you a lot.

On the other hand, the use of weapons and the cover system is quite comfortable. The production team left the cover system to your preference. You can either take cover by pressing a button or you can automatically position your character when you approach the cover. At the very beginning of the game, you choose this option according to your gameplay style.

Division mobile: The Division Resurgence - 3
Division mobile: The Division Resurgence

We played the beta stage of the game, so not all features were open, but many features that we remember from the PC version of Division are also included in the mobile version of the game. At the beginning of these, of course, MMO inspirations and dynamics such as Dark Zone. If a good balance is maintained on the PVP side, we can say that a new player has entered the field on the mobile platform.

The game is being developed with Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine. At this point, I have to say that it looks quite nice visually. Of course, it has the disadvantage of the mobile version because the screen is very crowded, but in terms of atmosphere, the hazy structure of the Division series, especially the first game, was captured. In addition, the game includes features that we are not used to seeing on mobile, such as day and night cycles and dynamic weather.

Finally, while testing the game, I thought I would check it with the Razer Kishi. Usually there is no full support in games, but I was a little surprised to see full key support as soon as I plugged it in. Moreover, playing the game with this kind of controller makes it much more enjoyable. If we can make screen adjustments when it comes out, we can get a very sweet experience.

As a result, I can say that Division Resurgenge is better than I expected. It is enjoyable both visually and in terms of gameplay on the mobile platform. Of course, it is not very accurate to make PC mobile comparison. In other words, you have to be a mobile player to fully enjoy such games. If you like and play similar games, I recommend that the Division mobile has features that can satisfy you.

You can join closed beta test from here.

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