All Important Metal Gear Solid characters

In our Metal Gear Solid characters guide, we will tell the stories of the characters that stand out in the games. In order to avoid repetition, we will write the characters in the main games released after the first game only once.

If there are any characters you want to be added to the guide that we have forgotten, you can share them with us in the comments. We will quickly include them in our guide.

Metal Gear Solid is a video game series designed by Hideo Kojima and published by Konami. The main character of the games is a special forces soldier known as Solid Snake, and the main story usually revolves around an international crisis or terrorism event.

Here are the main games in the Metal Gear Solid series:

  • Metal Gear Solid (1998): The first Metal Gear Solid game tells the story in which Solid Snake takes on the task of rescuing hostages kidnapped by terrorists who have seized control over a nuclear weapons facility called Shadow Moses.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001): This game replaces Solid Snake in control of another character named Raiden. Raiden is trying to rescue hostages captured by a group of terrorists on a naval facility called Big Shell.
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004): This game is set during the Cold War era and tells the story of Solid Snake’s youth and the origins of the character named Big Boss. In the game, Snake is tasked with capturing a nuclear weapon while trying to survive in a jungle in the Soviet Union.
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (2008): This game takes place in a future where Solid Snake is suffering from old age and health problems. In the game, Snake is on a final mission to stop the production of a robotic weapon called the Metal Gear and restore world peace.
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (2015): This game came out before Kojima’s departure from the Metal Gear Solid series. The game follows the missions of a special forces unit called Diamond Dogs, commanded by Snake, in Afghanistan and Angola.

There are also spin-off games such as Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Important Metal Gear Solid characters

Metal Gear Solid

Big Boss

Metal Gear Solid characters
Metal Gear Solid characters – Big Boss

Former Green Beret soldier who worked in the special unit “Fox” under the code name “Naked Snake” or simply “Snake”. He has gone down in history as the greatest soldier of the 21st century. “Big Boss” is a title given to him by US President Lyndon Baines in 1964 after defeating his former master and by then living legend “The Boss” in a life-and-death battle. His date and place of birth are unknown, but some of those closest to him called him Jack, the American nickname for John.

In MGS, “Vulcan Raven” tells Big Boss’ clone Solid Snake that he is of Asian descent.

In 1953, Big Boss, like The Boss, was exposed to radioactive energy on Bikini Atoll, which was used for atomic weapons testing. This left him incapacitated. In the period between the Korean and Vietnam Wars, he worked for the Green Berets.

The title of his superior officer at the time was “The Boss”. The two of them – The Boss and Big Boss – developed “CQC” (Close Quarters Combat) together.

In 1964, Big Boss was tasked with kidnapping Russian rocket builder Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov, who was ready to cross over as Naked Snake. The U.S. government fears that the Soviet Union fears Sokolov will develop a weapon that the Soviets will use as leverage in the Cold War. However, the mission is thwarted when his former master, The Boss, defects to the enemy side; Snake is then tasked with neutralising The Boss. When he neutralises “The Boss”, he is given the code name Big Boss.

1971: Big Boss recognises the success of Major Zero’s “Fox” unit and forms the Foxhound special unit.

1972: Big Boss donates money to the “Les enfants terribles” project. This marks the birth of Solid Snake, Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake.

In the 80s: Big Boss fights in various civil wars and makes history as “Saladin” in the Near East and Africa.

1995: Big Boss builds the castle “Outer Heaven” and begins production of Metal Gear. He also sends his best agent to Outer Heaven as the commander of Foxhound on behalf of the US Government, but the agent goes missing.

He then sends the inexperienced Solid Snake, who has just joined Foxhound, to Outer Heaven. His plan fails and Outer Heaven is destroyed by Solid Snake. Everyone thinks that Big Boss died in Outer Heaven.

1999: Big Boss founds Nation Sansibar, which will be a home for every mercenary. For this reason, Sansibar also goes down in history as a mercenary nation. With the construction of a new Metal Gear, Big Boss triggers the Sansibar Crisis (also known as the mercenary war).

Solid Snake destroys the Metal Gear and ends the crisis. Big Boss dies on Sansibar. His remains have since been preserved by an American secret organisation called CBS.

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Solid Snake

Metal Gear Solid characters - Solid Snake
Metal Gear Solid characters – Solid Snake

Solid Snake is a legendary mercenary with exceptionally good combat skills. He is a genetic clone of Big Boss. Unlike his brothers Solidus Snake and Liquid Snake, Solid Snake has inherited his “father’s” recessive (non-dominant) genes; this is revealed in a phone call between Revolver Ocelot and the president of the United States at the end of Metal Gear Solid: Ocelot says that Liquid thought he had Big Boss’ recessive genes.

But the recessive genes are in Solid Snake. (However, according to Kojima, this is an incorrect guess by Ocelot, as at the time of the “les enfants terrible” project, it was not yet technically possible to separate recessive genes from dominant ones.)

During the mission to Outer Heaven, Solid Snake is forced to learn that Big Boss, his one-time master and commander, is both the secret mastermind of the mercenary nation of Outer Heaven and his genetic father. He has no other choice: He must kill his own father.

Years later, Solid Snake is sent to the island of Shadow Moses. The island is occupied by the Foxhound unit and Genome soldiers. Snake does not realise how much this mission will change his life. After taking out the Genome troops and Foxhound members, he faces off against his genetic twin, Liquid Snake, and Metal Gear Rex.

He manages to destroy Metal Gear, defeat his twin, and escape with Meryl or Otacon (a different version of the final scene can be seen depending on how you play). At the end of The Twin Snakes, Snake drives away in a vehicle with Meryl and reveals his real name for the first time: “DAVID”.

Several years older, Solid Snake dedicates himself to not letting another Metal Gear be made with his friend Otacon, whose life he saved during the Shadow Moses mission. On a mission aboard a US-Marine (United States Navy) tanker, things go wrong. The ship is captured by a contingent of Russian mercenaries with a new Metal Gear model on board.

Snake encounters Olga Gurlukovich, the daughter of Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich, who has Russian mercenaries under his command. He also infiltrates through the Russian troops and marines and discovers that his old friend Revolver Ocelot has deceived Colonel Gurlukovich and his men in order to obtain the new Metal Gear.

After Ocelot kills some soldiers and the colonel, Snake’s twin, Liquid Snake, escapes with the Metal Gear. Snake remains in the hull of the sinking ship. Throughout MGS 2, the possibility that Snake is the leader of the terrorists cannot be ruled out. However, Snake disguises himself as “Pliskin” and infiltrates the Big Shell refining plant as a member of an anti-terrorist unit.

During the mission, he co-operates closely with “Raiden”, who is unaware of Snake’s true identity. Solid Snake and Raiden battle several enemy special units at the end of the mission, but Solid Snake is subsequently captured by the invincible “Fortune” and handed over to Solidus in handcuffs.

When the situation forks and Ocelot kills Fortune, Solid Snake regains possession of Ocelot and escapes with Metal Gear in search of the “Patriots”. Freed from his handcuffs, Solid Snake manages to jump after Metal Gear and disappears. In the credits sequence of MGS 2, Snake encounters a bewildered Raiden and shows him the floppy disc containing the list of Patriots. In the scene that follows, it is revealed that all the people on the disc have been dead for nearly 100 years.

Liquid Snake

Metal Gear Solid characters - Liquid Snake
Metal Gear Solid characters – Liquid Snake

Clone and genetic son of Big Boss. Solid Snake’s genetic twin. As the leader of Foxhound, he repeatedly appears against Solid in MGS. Solid Snake defeats him in Metal Gear Rex thanks to the support of Gray Fox: Unable to fight, the Metal Gear Rex is unlocked and the two brothers face off unarmed in a fierce battle.

As a result, Liquid Snake falls into the void. Presumed dead while fleeing a government atomic bomb attack, Liquid reappears in a jeep to complicate the escape of Solid Snake and Meryl/Otacon. After a fierce, nerve-wracking exchange between the two jeeps, Solid Snake forces his twin brother to kneel one last time. Trapped under the jeep, Solid watches as Liquid falls victim to the FoxDie virus.

In MGS2, Liquid Snake constantly possesses the Revolver Ocelot, which Liquid’s arm is sewn to after Gray Fox, nicknamed “Cyborg Ninja”, rips off his arm. (In fact, in almost every scene where Ocelot appears, Ocelot grabs his arm and becomes Liquid.)

Solidus Snake

Metal Gear Solid characters - Solidus Snake
Metal Gear Solid characters – Solidus Snake

Another clone of Big Boss and former president of the United States (aka President George Sears). After the Shadow Moses incident, he is brutalised by the Patriots, the true leader of the country, and is forced to disappear. He managed to escape without the help of Revolver Ocelot, with whose contacts he later allied himself with Olga Gurlukovich and her army of Russian mercenaries.

However, neither Solidus Snake nor Olga knows that Ocelot is actually a spy for the Patriots and is responsible for the murder of Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich, whose unit Olga assumed command of after his death. At the beginning of the Big Shell episode in MGS2, Solidus, who introduces himself as Solid Snake, a legendary soldier thought to be dead, leads the terrorist attack on the Big Shell.

He is initially wrapped in a black mantle, hiding only his fully armoured exoskeleton and long tentacle-like arms. Shortly after Solidus Snake makes his first personal appearance to Raiden, he boards the Harrier 2 fighter jet with “Vamp” in the cockpit. With the support of the real Solid Snake, who reinforces Raiden with Stinger rockets, the Harrier is shot down.

Solidus saves his life, but loses his left eye and from this moment on wears an eye patch that further enhances his resemblance to Big Boss, especially since he is the last clone of Big Boss to have the hairstyle and beard of the latter’s final years.

On the one hand, Solidus Snake intends to detonate an atomic bomb over Manhattan from the Arsenal Gear to paralyse all electronic devices with the resulting electronic instinct. In this way, he will prevent the digital censorship of the Patriots and free America from their rule, as he is against the system in which all historical events are censored or distorted at will.

Hence the terrorist organisation’s name “Sons of Liberty”. Solidus’ ultimate goal is to obtain the list of Patriots’ names hidden in the GW (Arsenal Gear’s artificial intelligence) and then destroy it. He uses the “Dead Cell” for this purpose. By destroying the Patriots, Solidus wants to create an indestructible monument (especially indestructible because of the Patriots’ destructible power).

Finally, “Solidus Snake” and his adopted son “Raiden”, who is threatened by the Patriots to kill both his girlfriend Rose and Olga’s baby, are forced into this battle. Solidus, meanwhile, kills his ally Olga, who opposes him in order to save Raiden’s life and thus the life of his own baby.

Solidus also wants to see Raiden dead and hopes to learn about the Patriots through the nanomachines in his body. He tells Raiden that he is his father, that he trained him for war and sent him to a civil war as a child soldier in the 80s. He also confesses to killing Raiden’s real parent just before the final fight, and is defeated and killed by Raiden in a sword fight.

Despite being Raiden’s main antagonist, it is actually difficult to categorise Solidus Snake as either “good” or “evil”. Solidus falls somewhere in between, as on the one hand he serves the noble cause of destroying the Patriots, but on the other hand he cold-bloodedly leaves many corpses in his wake in pursuit of this (partially arbitrary) goal.

His situation is similar to that of Big Boss because of his rescue plan. The Patriots can see no other way than to overthrow his rule by war and brute force. Big Boss has the same vision, as does his successor Solidus Snake. Solidus Snake is therefore not only optically but also temperamentally very similar to Big Boss, who established Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land.

Solidus is voiced in English by John Cygan; in Japanese by Akio Otsuka, who also voiced Solid Snake. Thus, Solid and Solidus have the same voice in the Japanese version of the game.

Meryl Silverburgh

Metal Gear Solid characters - Meryl Silverburgh
Metal Gear Solid characters – Meryl Silverburgh

(in Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance and Metal Gear Solid 4) Roy Campbell’s niece. In the final sequence where Meryl dies, R. Campbell reveals that she is really his daughter.

It is questionable, though, whether this knowledge can be considered as an alternative story development or merely a fact kept from the player at the correct ending given that the last sequence in which Meryl lives is confirmed to be the true one as she will also play a part in Metal Gear Solid 4.

In the Shadow Moses incident, some members of the Next Generation High Tech Super Special Forces are missing a training day, so Meryl is sent to a nuclear weapons disposal facility as part of a reserve force. Meryl, who was only 18 at the time, had her first real combat experience in VR Training.

She later refused to participate in the rebellion of the Next Generation Speacial Force and FOXHOUND and was thrown into solitary confinement for it. Snake first encounters her after the death of Donald Anderson. At first Meryl mistakes him for Liquid and thinks he killed Donald Anderson.

When they attacked by terrorists after a while, she hesitates to shoot first. She later confesses to Snake that she has never shot at a human being before, and has only worked with target practice.

Although he does not have much experience, he always tries to play the hero and gets into dangerous situations. He never really wanted to be a soldier. During the Gulf War, when he was very young, his father (or uncle, depending on the point of view) died and he convinced himself that he wanted to be a soldier.

He thought he should become a soldier to understand his father better, but he was never ready for this moment. He later attacks Snake under the control of Psycho Mantis. But he is saved.

Meryl does not appear until the end of the game, and it is up to the player to decide whether she lives or dies. Immediately after Snake’s captivity, the player is tortured by Ocelot; if she survives the torture, Meryl does not die at the end of the game, but if she gives up, she dies. However, the ending in which Meryl survives is the one that is important to the story.

In the trailers for Metal Gear Solid 4, Meryl appears again and introduces herself as a member of the “new FOXHOUND”. However, no further information about her role in the final instalment of MGS is available.

Prior to this, in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, Meryl reappears in the alternate mission Snake Tales. Snake must fight against her where he fought Olga in the original story. The encounter follows the same pattern, with Snake killing Meryl, but this has no effect on the main story.


Metal Gear Solid characters - Raiden
Metal Gear Solid characters – Raiden

His name is Jack. His usual codename “Snake” is changed to “Raiden” at the beginning of the Big Shell episode, as the head of the terrorists also calls himself “Snake”. Raiden is not involved in the “les enfants terrible” project, but until the Big Shell he was called that in the framework of the S3 Programme.

It is only known that he was a child soldier during the Liberian Civil War in the 80s of the 20th century. His nickname at the time was “Jack the Ripper” or “White Devil”.

His childhood master was Solidus Snake, whom he encountered as the final mission in MGS 2. He finally confronts Solidus and takes him down to exact his revenge and save Olga’s child. Jack was prepared for this mission through VR Training.

He was chosen because his relationship with Solidus Snake is similar to that between Solid Snake and Big Boss, and he is the only one of the child soldiers who does not accept his past. But he cannot remember these things because his memory has been erased. Only the nightmares he has at night remind him of his past. This is why Raiden is afraid of the night.

Hideo Kojima has said that he envisioned an extraordinarily beautiful man when he created Jack. Yoji (one of the producers) thought differently, wanting to mould him more masculine. But his long, blonde hair has female gender connotations and, above all, at the beginning of the story he looks anything but a heroic and mature warrior.

As the story develops, Raiden shows his merit and matures well, but is viewed with scepticism by most Metal Gear fans. Critics feel that he lacks the qualities of Solid Snake. It should be noted, however, that Raiden has a more cheerful voice than Solid Snake in the Japanese version of the game. At least at this point, despite his outward appearance, Raiden has a more “humorous” side to him.

Jack appears in a completely different disguise in the trailers for Metal Gear Solid 4, with an Exoskelett similar to Gray Fox’s in MGS 1. However, Raiden’s Exoskeleton contains the biomechanical components of the small Metal Gear units that can also be seen in the trailers for MGS 4.

Since most of the critical voices against Raiden come from outside of Japan, it can be assumed that this new design is intended to appeal mostly to southern fans.

Dr. Hal Emmerich

Metal Gear Solid characters - Dr. Hal Emmerich
Metal Gear Solid characters – Dr. Hal Emmerich

He usually goes by the alias “Otacon”, derived from “Otacu Convention”. He is also a genius engineer who developed the MGS Metal Gear Rex (which differs from Project Atom).

After meeting Solid Snake in MGS, he befriends him and from then on assists him in his missions, either through the codec or from the scene of the mission. But Otacon also has a heavy burden on his shoulders, as he blames himself for his father’s suicide.

Because he had an affair with his stepmother. When his sister E.E. was drowning in the pool, he called his brother, but Hal did not go to the pool, and his father, who came to save Emma, also drowned in the pool. This is one of the reasons for leaving home.

Hal’s grandfather, who contributed significantly to the development of America’s atomic bomb, participated in the “Manhattan” project, as known from MGS. Otacon’s father was born on the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. In MGS 1, Hal sympathised with the sniper “Sniper Wolf”, who died in a fight with Solid Snake.

An interesting guess is that Hal inherited the plans for Metal Gear from his grandfather. This suspicion is fuelled by MGS 3, in which the Russian rocket researcher “Aleksander Leonovich Granin”, in a fit of revenge, wants to send plans of his own work to a friend in America via his shadow entity under Sokolov. In the picture shown, this friend looks very, very much like Otacon.

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Emma Emmerich

Metal Gear Solid characters - Emma Emmerich
Metal Gear Solid characters – Emma Emmerich

Otacon’s half-sister (“E.E.” for short), real name Emma Emmerich Danzinger. She has a phobia of water ever since she nearly drowned in a pool as a child. Despite her young age, she is a major force in the field of artificial intelligence programming. She developed GW.

In the Big Shell, he bleeds profusely after a stab to the stomach from “Vamp”, but has time to infect Arsenal with a computer virus he wrote himself before he dies. He also leaves behind a parrot, which makes his half-brother Hal cry every time he talks to it, to the point of sighing deeply.

Colonel Roy Campbell

Colonel Roy Campbell
Metal Gear Solid characters – Colonel Roy Campbell

When Big Boss was still commander of FOXHOUND, Roy Campbell was his representative. After Boss’s betrayal, Colonel Roy Campbell takes command of the unit, abolishes the codename system in FOXHOUND and equips the unit with the latest technical equipment, such as modern satellite radar and mint-flavoured rations, which serve Snake well in his mission in Zanzibar Land.

It was he who recruited Snake back into the FOXHOUND unit during the rebellion in Zanzibar Land and tasked him with bringing back Dr Kio Marv and the OILIX formula. This occurs in Metal Gear Solid 2: Solid Snake, where Roy Campbell makes his first appearance and assists Snake in his mission via radio; here, as in Metal Gear Solid, he is on frequency 140.85. Colonel Campbell’s temperament and appearance are deliberately modelled on Colonel Trautman from Rambo I-III.

After the events of Metal Gear Solid 2: Solid Snake, Colonel Campbell went into a resting phase, but in 2005, during the Shadow Moses incident, he was reinstated. His niece, Meryl Silverburgh, is taken hostage for not joining the uprising during the terrorist attacks.

Campbell’s involvement in this mission is the only way to save her life. Solid Snake also volunteers for the mission. During the mission, the Colonel repeatedly deceived and tricked him, but always emphasised that he considered himself Snake’s friend. He later had Naomi Hunter arrested for sending secret coded messages to the enemy base and had indecent contact with her, earning the ire of his “friend” Solid Snake.

However, when the Minister of Defence wanted to cover the whole thing up with a nuclear attack, Roy Campbell decided to correct his lies and wanted to stop the order to arrest Naomi, at least to buy time until Snake arrived. But the conversation was overheard and Roy Campbell was eventually arrested for “sexual harassment in the workplace”.

Nevertheless, Campbell managed to get in touch with the US president George Sears, who personally stopped the nuclear attack; the idea of a nuclear attack really only came from the Minister of Defence. If the player manages to escape with Meryl, Campbell thanks Snake at the end of the play and apologises again for all his lies. If Meryl dies, Roy Campbell explains that he is really her father.

He has just learnt from the mission that he is not her uncle and intends to tell her when he gets home safely. However, the ending in which Meryl survives is the “right” ending, but the Colonel does not mention that he is her father, although it cannot be ruled out that this is in fact the case.

After the mission, Snake and Campbell part ways; Snake promises to visit her one day.

In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, a pseudo-Colonel Campbell appears, even wearing a brand with Campbell on it and acting as the commander of FOXHOUND and Raiden’s commander. In reality, however, this is not a real person, but an artificial intelligence. The FOXHOUND unit has not even existed for a long time. The current whereabouts of the real Roy Campbell are unknown; the real Roy Campbell will appear again in Metal Gear Solid 4, apparently as Snake’s ally, as seen in the trailers.

The real young Colonel Campbell appeared in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops coming to the PSP in the 70s, shortly after Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Nastasha Romanenko

He was born in Ukraine in the 70s, and in 1986 he lived through the Chernobyl reactor disaster in which he survived but most of his family and friends died. Romanenko specialises in nuclear weapons, and from there goes to work for the DIA to do something about the dangers posed by nuclear weapons.

At the time of Metal Gear Solid, Nastasha is living and self-employed in California when government agents break into her home, including Colonel Richard Ames, who met and fell in love with Nastasha while she was still working at the DIA.

The two later marry, but the marriage does not last long. Richard Ames disappears one day and sends her divorce papers. Now she runs into him again when Ames suddenly breaks into her house with a bunch of armed men.

The men begin to set up a huge communication system in the room. Nastasha Romanenko must assist Solid Snake in his mission as a military expert, she has no right to choose whether or not to participate in the operation. Due to the Chernobyl experience, Nastasha is very critical of nuclear weapons, and this is reflected in Snake.

After the events of Shadow Moses, Richard Ames must eliminate him, but he disobeys the order and gives him a disc with all the information about FoxDie as evidence of Shadow Moses’ inner workings. Ames knows that she intends to make it public; what is unknown is why he does not prevent or even encourage her.

Nastasha records all her experiences and publishes them in a book entitled “In the Darkness of Shadow Moses”. What happens to her after that remains unknown. Snake mentions in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty that he initially helped the Anti-Metal Gear organisation Philantrophy and then disappeared without a trace.

Dr Petrovich Madnar

Drago Petrovich Madnar, also known as Drago Petrovich Madnar, was the inventor of the first two-legged tank called the Metal Gear. He was a genius scientist of his time and a revolutionary in the field of mechanics.

This fact is known to Big Boss, who kidnaps him in 1995. He then forces him to build a Metal Gear in order to build a self-contained organisation. Before the Metal Gear project is completed, Solid Snake manages to rescue him and frees him.

But freedom is anything but a pleasure for him, as no one in the western world takes his invention seriously. Thus, he returns to the only person who has ever appreciated his invention: Big Boss. Dr Madnar dies trying to foil Solid Snake’s plan to destroy the Metal Gear.

Dr Maxim Kolmoroff

He appears in Snake’s Revenge, playing the role of the assistant doctor who gives Snake useful clues over the radio. At the age of 23, Maxim works in a secret Soviet Union laboratory in Africa and is captured by the United States two years later. Colonel Campbell, who admired his work at the time, makes him an offer: Either join FOXHOUND or spend the rest of his life in prison. Reluctantly accepting this offer, Dr Kolmoroff becomes a member of Campbell’s unit.

Major Zero

Commander of Naked Snake and co-founder of the Fox unit. Former member of the SAS. He has blonde, curly hair and a scar on his face. He is an avid film watcher and is particularly fond of the James Bond series.

Para Medic

A consultant to the Naked Snake. His field of knowledge covers zoology, biology and medicine. To loosen Snake up, he talks to him about his greatest passion, cinema. He is also a fan of Japan.


Derived from “Signal Intelligence”. Weapons expert. Presumed to be Donald Anderson, the head of DARPA. In reality he is only known to have joined DARPA, where he participated in the development of DARPAnet.

Supporting this assumption is the fact that Sigint, like Donald Anderson, is black. He is the inventor of many of the gadgets in MGS, such as active sonar.

Revolver Ocelot

Metal Gear Solid characters - Revolver Ocelot
Metal Gear Solid characters – Revolver Ocelot

Snake’s perpetual antagonist and former member of Foxhound. He is the only character to appear in every game of the series. Ocelot, a.k.a. Shalashaska, is a seasoned user of revolvers and revolvers.

His favourite weapon is the Colt Single Action Army, and he is the former commander of the Ocelot unit, a Russian special unit.

His love for his Colt turns to the Snake Eater when he encounters Naked Snake during his missions and Naked Snake advises him to use a “revolver”. This is because he had previously been using a Makarov PI. His role, which seems simple in each episode, always becomes important at the end of the game.

Thus, he leads Metal Gear towards the end of MGS 2. In MGS 1 and MGS 3, Ocelot is a double agent who brings everyone into the game at the end. During his duel with Snake, Gray Fox cuts off Ocelot’s right hand. He is then sewn to it by the hand of the dead Liquid Snake, which results in Liquid constantly possessing Revolver Ocelot, replacing him.

It is unknown how Liquid did this, but according to Kojima, this will be resolved in MGS 4. Ocelot’s origins are unclear, but he most likely grew up in Russia. He is the son of The Boss and The Sorrow. Shalashaska’s most notable characteristic is that he has been working as a double agent (codename: Adam) for the CIA from the beginning.

But not only that, Ocelot is also an important agent of the Patriots (an organisation that rules the USA and controls the data flow of the whole world). For this organisation, he re-enacts the Shadow Moses story in the Big Shell as a training exercise for Jack.

Ocelot will probably never know who his parents are, but in the game it is realised that there is a close connection between The Boss and Ocelot. Meanwhile, as a child, Ocelot’s cognitive abilities attracted attention and he was trained by Yevgeny Volgin.

Volgin was Breshnev’s colonel at the time and very sadistic. He tortures prisoners to death and then burns them. Since Volgin has electromagnetic abilities, it can be assumed that Ocelot learnt electric torture methods from him.

Twenty years after Snake Eater, Volgin is sent to Iraq to obtain certain information. But there he was captured and tortured. Rumours state that he was brainwashed. But he is eventually rescued by Big Boss and then joins the FOXHOUND group.

Gray Fox

Metal Gear Solid characters - Gray Fox
Metal Gear Solid characters – Gray Fox

His real name is Frank Jaeger. He killed Naomi Hunter’s parents and has been hunting her ever since. At the end of Metal Gear 2, he meets Snake in the middle of a minefield. Snake is victorious.

For this reason, Naomi Hunter injects him with the Fox Die virus before Shadow Moses.

Gray Fox, the only FOXHOUND member worthy of the FOX codename due to his exceptional combat abilities, slices off Ocelot’s arm with his sword, kills a number of Genome soldiers, and eventually fights Snake.

There is a famous line he says to Solid Snake before his death, which Solid Snake quotes in Metal Gear Solid 2: Snake to Raiden: “There’s something my best friend told me once: We’re not tools of the government or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing I was good at, but at least I always fought for what I believed in.”

In Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, he appears as a nobody, though he should be an excellent soldier, but after Big Boss inflicts two bitter defeats on him, Gray Fox sides with Snake, and thus FOXHOUND.

Sniper Wolf

Metal Gear Solid characters - Sniper Wolf
Metal Gear Solid characters – Sniper Wolf

A member of FOXHOUND. A formidable sniper. Sniper Wolf is Kurdish, from Iraq, where she experienced the unspeakable horrors of war as a little girl. She is often surrounded by wolves, which she loves madly.

He is addicted to the tranquilliser Diazepam, which he swallows to prevent even the slightest tremor when shooting. Snake’s friend Otacon is in love with him, yet Wolf must destroy Snake. On their first meeting, Snake was unable to kill him, but on their second meeting, the severely wounded Wolf asked him to let him go.

Pscyho Mantis

Metal Gear Solid characters - Pscyho Mantis
Metal Gear Solid characters – Pscyho Mantis

Also a member of FOXHOUND. Endowed with telekinetic abilities and supernatural psychic powers, this eccentric always wears a gas mask and only leather clothing. Mantis is responsible for brainwashing Genome soldiers and dominates Meryl when she fights Snake. Thanks to a smoke bomb, Snake is able to avert disaster.

However, Mantis attacks him, this time with objects animated by his telekinetic powers. Since Mantis can read his opponent’s left brain lobe, it is impossible for Snake to defeat him unless he uses only his right lobe (so the player must insert the controller into the right slot to injure Mantis.

The same can be seen when Mantis shows the player his power and explains how to record: Mantis can read the left memory card, but not the right one. Without knowing this trick, Mantis is almost impossible to defeat. This is why Mantis is perhaps the strongest opponent in the whole game). But Snake finally succeeds in defeating his enemy.

Vulcan Raven

Metal Gear Solid characters - Vulcan Raven
Metal Gear Solid characters – Vulcan Raven

FOXHOUND member. This zebella of a man almost never uses his head. He almost always makes decisions from his gut.

The spiritual Raven, a shaman, constantly gathers a flock of crows around him. In Shadow Moses, Snake is first confronted by a tank and then in man-to-man combat towards the end of the mission.

The fight here is like a modern David and Goliath battle. After the fight, Vulcan Raven tells Decoy Octopus that he died of the Fox Die virus. Afterwards, a flock of crows swoops down on him and nothing is left of Vulcan.

Decoy Octopus

Another FOXHOUND member. He specialises in disguising himself as other people. Octopus can even replicate the blood of a victim. He’s even managed to trick Solid Snake.

Under the disguise of Donald Anderson, he must get the access codes from Solid Snake. But as bad luck would have it, this is Octopus’s last treat to benefit Snake, as Octopus falls victim to the Fox Die virus.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


Metal Gear Solid characters - Fortune
Metal Gear Solid characters – Fortune

A member of the anti-terrorist group DEAD CELL. The group attacks important buildings to test their security. When Fortune’s husband, Colonel Jackson, the head of the group, is imprisoned for corruption, he hangs himself in his cell. The group then goes berserk and begins slaughtering innocents and civilians.

Fortune, aka Lady Luck, takes her name from the fact that no one has killed her yet. Bullets, even rockets, miss her. It is rumoured that her luck in battle was due to her misfortune in life (her husband’s suicide after the death of her father, Scott Dolph – killed by Ocelot – and the subsequent miscarriage and stillborn baby).

At the end of MGS 2, it is revealed that she owes her “fortune” only to the Patriots and a high-tech device. However, as Fortune dies, he manages to deflect the rockets fired by Ocelot with his last strength and without the aid of the device. However, it is also speculated that the device on him was reactivated to protect Raiden, who was very close to him. Fortune’s heart is located on the right side of his body due to dextrocardia (right-heartedness).


Metal Gear Solid characters - Vamp
Metal Gear Solid characters – Vamp

The third member of the DEAD CELL. He is Romanian and survived for two days in the ruins of a church after a bomb attack, with a cross through him, and had to feed on the blood of his family to survive. He is somewhat vampire-like, but shows no weakness to UV, or light. He sucks the blood from the veins of his opponents.

He will reappear in the fourth game in the Metal Gear Solid series. Throughout Metal Gear Solid 2, Vamp is presumed dead a total of three times. The first time, Raiden fires at Fortune, but misses and hits Vamp in the forehead and abdomen.

He is then defeated by Raiden again in the water reactor tank in the core of Shell 2, and disappears in a pool of blood in the water. Finally, the Vamp is shot by Raiden while holding Emma hostage on the scaffolding, but is only vaguely visible in the background at the end of the game. The reason for the Vamp’s immortality and superhuman powers is unknown.


Metal Gear Solid characters - Fatman
Metal Gear Solid characters – Fatman

Member of the DEAD CELL and explosives expert. He built his first atomic bomb at the age of ten with the help of an instruction manual he obtained from the Internet. He has a fascination for old clocks, probably due to his father, a watchmaker.

He has delicate hands, similar to a woman’s. He is proud of his hands and takes good care of them. He owes his skill in mechanics to his hands. She considers herself artistic and creative; with her large, ugly body and elegant hands, she draws a very interesting character picture.

The nickname Fatman comes from the atomic bomb of the same name that destroyed Nagasaki. Her real name is unknown. At the end of MGS 2, Fatman is revealed to be an employee of the Patriots.

Chinaman (never appeared!)

In fact, he was supposed to do many of the things that Vamp later took over. For example, walking on water was intended for this character. Due to time constraints, this character was removed from the game.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

The Boss

Metal Gear Solid characters - The Boss
Metal Gear Solid characters – The Boss

The great warrior and master of Big Boss. He founded the Cobra unit in the Second World War and calls his followers his “children”. The Boss is also called “The Joy” for the joy he feels in a fight. CQC master and master marksman with the “Patriot” (a miniaturised M16, equal in accuracy to the MG).

In MGS 3, the agent defects to the Russian side and is killed along with his entire unit by his former students. At the end of the game, Big Boss learns the truth about The Boss.

The Sorrow

Metal Gear Solid characters - The Sorrow
Metal Gear Solid characters – The Sorrow

Member of The Cobras battle unit. Possessing medical skills and supernatural spiritual powers, The Sorrow is the father of The Boss’s kidnapped son. However, The Boss was forced to kill him as a matter of duty.

According to The Boss, The Sorrow sacrificed his life for him. In MGS 3, he appears in Big Boss’ dream as his rival. Like all members of the Cobras, his name is an expression of one or more emotions that he feels or has felt in combat. Namely “Sorrow”.

The Pain

Metal Gear Solid characters - The Pain
Metal Gear Solid characters – The Pain

Member of the battle group The Cobras. At 2.17 metres tall, he is a true giant. The Pain controls a swarm of hornets and carries hornet bullets on his body, which he can fire at will. He feeds the wasps on his own body.

He also has beehive-like honeycombs that he can send at his opponents during fights. Despite all this, he was stung by wasps, as evidenced by his face. Its name comes from the emotion with which it enters battle: “Fury”.

The Fury

Metal Gear Solid characters - The Fury
Metal Gear Solid characters – The Fury

Member of The Cobras fighting unit. Formerly a cosmonaut, The Fury has gone mad. Burned in a raging fire during one of his missions in space, he wishes for nothing more than a world filled with flames like the ones that once burned him.

In MGS 3, he poses a threat to Big Boss with his flamethrower and jet pack that allows him to fly. He is invulnerable to flames thanks to his fire-resistant suit. The Fury is narrowly defeated in his fight with Big Boss, but strangely dies in flames. He gets his name from the “rage” that gathers inside him.

The End

Metal Gear Solid characters - The End
Metal Gear Solid characters – The End

Member of The Cobras fighting unit. At well over a hundred years old, old man The End is the ancestor of all snipers. Thanks to his superhuman camouflage and ability to blend in with his surroundings, he poses an extreme threat to his opponents in MGS 3, despite spending most of his time asleep.

He is rumoured to be able to photosynthesise like a plant, as moss grows on and inside his body. He speaks to metaphysical forces, whom he often addresses as “You” or “You people”. He uses an M1891/30 Mosin Nagant with a stun bullet. His name stands for “forget” and “end”.

After a fierce sniper duel, Big Boss kills The End.

The Fear

Metal Gear Solid characters - The Fear
Metal Gear Solid characters – The Fear

Member of The Cobras battle unit. The Fear has superhuman speed and resembles an animal in its movements and behaviour. His long tongue also supports this. He was born with an abnormality in his joints that allows him to twist his arms into almost any position.

Thanks to his Stealth suit, it is virtually impossible for an opponent to take The Fear out. However, his stamina is greatly reduced by this suit, and The Fear is repeatedly forced to satisfy his hunger during the fight.

His crossbow leaps out of the trees and shoots poisonous arrows that almost send Big Boss to the other side. His name means “fear”. In MGS 3, Big Boss encounters The Fear in the middle of a forest full of traps and eventually defeats him.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

A new special unit, The Beauty and the Beast Unit, will be available in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The group consists of Screaming, Mantis, Laughing Octopus, Raging Raven and Crying Wolf.

They all suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. The only way to repair the damage done to them is to turn into war machines. Their inner, human side is called “Beauty”, while their outer appearance is labelled “Beast”.

Four photomodels are sought to portray the inner, human “Beauty” side of the League. The unit’s animal names allude to the 4 characters of the Foxhound unit from MGS 1 (Psycho Mantis, Decoy Octopus, Vulcan Raven and Sniper Wolf). Interestingly, Screaming Mantis has two puppets hanging from his arms, which appear to be Psycho Mantis and The Sorrow when viewed up close.

Shoot Gunner

Its origin is unclear. His favourite weapon is the Yakovic PT 5 machine gun. This rifle fires small fragmentation rounds.

Just before his death, he tells Snake that he joined Foxhound because he learnt that the United States was bombing his homeland. He admires Big Boss for his hatred and becomes one of his soldiers.

Machine Gun Kid

As the name suggests, his weapon of choice is the machine gun. He lives alone and likes to fire wildly at his surroundings. Snake is difficult to hit, as he has a special suit that gives him the ability to bounce bullets back.

Fire Trooper

Fire demon who wants to reduce Snake to ashes with his flamethrower. (Origin: German. Former guild: GSG9.) Reminiscent of The Fury, as he wears a similar suit, only different in colour.

Little is known about him. Snake first encounters him in an underground tunnel in Outer Heaven. It is only known that he was in Belgium before he became a mercenary and that he has a family. However, his wife and children perish in a fire that traumatises him.

Coward Duck

He’s very skilful with his boomerangs. He shields innocent people. He is very sneaky and always tries to hide

He gets his name because he can defend himself better in water than on land (Chicken Little). In order to defeat him, Snake had to wear a Priolin suit.

Black Colour

Prior to the release of Metal Gear 2, Kyle Schneider, the former Outer Heaven rebel leader who helped Snake on his first mission and was abducted by enemy soldiers while attempting to divulge the name of Outer Heaven’s true leader, was thought to have died.

In the Zanzibar Land rebellion, he reappears in the form of the mysterious ninja “Black Colour” as Solid Snake’s first opponent.

George Kasler, a military expert in Snake’s support team, explains to Snake that Black Colour, a sort of cyborg ninja, is the result of a secret NASA project.

However, when this ninja, Kyle Schneider himself, is defeated in his battle with Snake, he explains that NATO had cleared the entire region with a bombing raid to destroy evidence of the events that took place after the Outer Heaven incident, but that Big Boss had taken in many of the Outer Heaven fugitives, including many orphans Snake had encountered during his mission in Zanzibar Land.

Schneider was one of the fugitives Big Boss rescued, and as a thank you, he fought on Snake’s side until Snake put an end to it.

Running Man

Former long-distance runner and Olympic champion. After a doping scandal, he takes a wrong turn and joins a terrorist group. He has a special suit that allows him to breathe even in infected areas. This suit also strengthens his muscles, enabling him to perform at his best.

Red Blaster

Former UDSSR Rumumba University bomber. His face was deformed in an explosion during one of his missions, so he doesn’t want to be seen by anyone. He always makes his bombs in the shape of butterflies and has a habit of decorating the surroundings with strings. Snake’s job becomes very difficult as the ropes block his path and there is a danger of the bomb hitting him.


Two former special agents and experts in Close Quarter Combat (CQC). They always work together and fight almost simultaneously. They can also create reflections and attack Snake in fours.


Former member of Rex Command. He stalks his enemies silently and unseen in order to kill them with his machine gun. He uses ice bullets that turn into an organism-damaging liquid on impact.

Nights Sight

Part of the legendary guerrilla group Squad Whispers. Known as the “invisible killer”. None of his enemies have seen him yet. He wears stealth camouflage and uses a weapon called the Wei Sheng Ciang, which fires silent bullets.

An almost perfect killer; Snake’s poor health and a cold are the only reasons he loses to Night Sight.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Venom Snake

Venom Snake, also known as Big Boss, Ahab V or Big Boss’ phantom was a combat medic for Militaries Sans Frontieres (MSF). He also became the mercenary commander of Diamond Dogs and Outer Heaven as one of Big Boss’ trusted lieutenants.

On March 16, 1975, the medic was stationed on board the helicopter sent to extract MSF commander Big Boss and the rescued POWs Chico and Paz Ortega Andrade from Camp Omega in Cuba. He was one of the few MSF staff members aware of Paz and Chico’s situation, as well as the mission itself.

Metal Gear Solid characters - Venom Snake
Metal Gear Solid characters – Venom Snake

During the flight back to Mother Base, the medic identified that a bomb had been planted in Paz’s abdomen and performed an emergency surgery without anaesthetic to dispose of it before its detonation. The bomb was removed successfully, though Paz had passed out from the immense pain. The medic ensured her breathing was stable, then stitched her back up.

The helicopter arrived back at Mother Base just as it was being attacked by Cipher’s strike force, XOF. The medic remained aboard the chopper to provide medical aid to Paz and Chico as Big Boss provided cover fire for the MSF soldiers escaping into the helicopter, including Kazuhira Miller.

As they escaped, a startled Paz awoke, panic-stricken, as she attempted to warn them of a second bomb planted inside her. Paz leapt from the chopper just before the second bomb exploded. The medic dove in front of Big Boss to shield him from the blast, and the helicopter was thrown into a collision with a nearby XOF chopper.

The medic and Big Boss survived the crash, but both were rendered comatose and the medic lost his arm in the process. Miller was the only other survivor, escaping mostly intact.

The medic suffered extensive injuries from the crash, with 108 foreign agents embedded in his body while his left arm had to be amputated several inches above the wrist. The shrapnel was removed, although certain pieces located close to his heart and inside his cerebral cortex were too risky to extract.

Once the medic and Big Boss were stable enough for transport, Zero had EVA moved them both to Dhekelia SBA Memorial Hospital in Cyprus. This information was suppressed so that their location would remain a secret.

Zero planned and provided funds to have the medic molded into a mirror image of Big Boss, both mentally and physically. Induced hypnagogia imbued the medic with Big Boss’ mind, and plastic surgery was enacted to give him Big Boss’ face. When he awoke, the medic would believe he was Big Boss. The code word for when the new Snake woke up would be “V has come to”.

In 1977, a weakened Zero visited the twin Big Boss’ before going back into hiding for good. During this time, the Snakes’ EEGs showed stable activity levels, but there had been no change. Medical staff were moving their muscles every four hours so as to mitigate muscle atrophy.

Kazuhira Miller

Kazuhira Miller, also known as Kaz, McDonell Benedict Miller and Master Miller, was the subcommander of both the Militaires Sans Frontières and Diamond Dogs, and the survival trainer of FOXHOUND. He was well-read and possessed a vast array of scientific knowledge.

The child of an American GHQ officer and a Japanese woman, Kazuhira was born in Yokosuka of the Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, during the country’s occupation by U.S. military forces, and was named after the Japanese word for Peace by his mother.

Kaz was conceived as a result of his mother working as a prostitute, though his father treated her as a wife. Kaz’s early life in Japan was a struggle, as he was born after his father had returned to America, and could not obtain Japanese citizenship due to his father being unknown. Many Japanese children would often mock him for his Western appearance, with his blue eyes and blond hair.

Metal Gear Solid characters - Kazuhira Miller
Metal Gear Solid characters – Kazuhira Miller

Because of these factors, he identified himself more with the United States, the winners of World War II, than to the Japanese. However, his father had left his mother some money prior to leaving, which she used to set up a shop, selling items such as cigarettes to occupation troops.

When Kaz was ten years old, his mother became ill, leaving him to run the shop by himself. While his mother was bedridden, he stumbled upon a picture of his father, and began showing it to the American soldiers who came into the store, asking if they knew who the man was.

He eventually learned from one of his father’s students that the man was Colonel Miller, who had retired from active duty and was serving as a military instructor. Kaz knew he wanted to go to America as well as meet his father, so he eventually sent a letter to him in the U.S., requesting to travel there.

That wish was eventually granted and Kaz was picked up from his home, left his mother behind, and went to the U.S. to get an education. Kaz soon discovered that he once had a half-brother, though he had recently died in the Vietnam War, which had caused his father to enter a state of depression.

Taking on his father’s surname of Miller, Kaz was supplied with money to enroll at an Ivy League school, later graduating from it and receiving his college degree. During his stay in America, he also witnessed the rise of the anti-Vietnam protests that were occurring within America.

He then returned to Japan in 1968, only to find that his mother wasn’t angry that he had left her behind, but that she had simply forgotten who he was entirely, her mind having been affected by a disease she contracted during her days as a prostitute. Shortly after returning, he joined the Japan Self-Defense Forces, both to pay for his mother’s hospital bills, and also as a way for him to get a taste of the battlefield.

Unfortunately for Miller, life in the JSDF wasn’t as glamorous as he had hoped. His skills as a policeman were unmatched, but his superiors often feared them and chose not to reward those skills, so he didn’t rise through the ranks as quickly as one would expect.

Furthermore, he longed for a more active battlefield than what life in Japan typically offered, and by 1970, he decided to leave the JSDF, especially after witnessing The Temple of the Golden Pavilion author Yukio Mishima’s coup d’etat and suicide at the JSDF Headquarters.

He returned to America, only to learn his father had committed suicide, and was already buried. After his mother died, he began to drift around the world as a mercenary and a well known philanderer who loved the freedom of the ’70s.


Quiet, known to the Soviet forces as Tixij was a female assassin during the 1980s. Originally an assassin for XOF, Quiet later defected to Diamond Dogs after being defeated by Venom Snake.

Quiet wore a minimal amount of clothing at all times because she could only drink or breathe through her skin following parasite-treatment due to the serious injuries she had sustained while trying to kill Big Boss during the hospital raid; wearing too much clothing would lead to suffocation.

Metal Gear Solid characters - Quiet
Metal Gear Solid characters – Quiet

After being defeated by Venom Snake in Afghanistan following a tense sniper duel, Quiet became a prisoner at Mother Base until she was allowed to accompany Venom Snake on missions as a buddy. Her weapons included two lethal sniper rifles nicknamed Wicked Butterfly and Sinful Butterfly as well as the non-lethal Guilty Butterfly.

DD (Diamond Dog)

DD or D-Dog (Diamond Dog) was the pet canid of the private military company Diamond Dogs during the 1980s. Like his owner, Venom Snake, the wolf wore an eyepatch over his missing right eye.

As a puppy, DD lost his right eye and was presumably an orphan. The puppy was found alone by Venom Snake during a mission in 1984. DD was later taken by Fulton Recovery to Diamond Dogs’ Mother Base, his new home.

Metal Gear Solid characters - DD - Diamond Dog
Metal Gear Solid characters – DD – Diamond Dog

The puppy was present with Ocelot upon Snake’s return to Mother Base, licking the latter’s face as he picked him up. Ocelot explained that the puppy had been a troublemaker after it had arrived, and that he was unsure of its specific breed.

Believing that the pup may be useful in the future, Ocelot intended to train him, comparing him to a diamond in the rough that required some polishing. Snake agreed, noting the irony of an ocelot raising hounds.

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Huey Emmerich

Dr. Huey Emmerich was a mechanical engineer responsible for developing bipedal locomotion technology for the Peace Walker Project in 1974 and later served as the chief engineer of Metal Gear Sahelanthropus in 1984. He was the biological father of Hal Otacon Emmerich and the stepfather of Emma E.E. Emmerich.

Emmerich was born on August 6, 1945, the day of the Hiroshima bombing, as the son of a scientist that worked on the Manhattan Project. Radiation exposure as a result of this work is thought to have caused Huey’s spine to develop atypically, resulting in congenital paraplegia and his use of a wheelchair.

Metal Gear Solid characters - Huey Emmerich
Metal Gear Solid characters – Huey Emmerich

Although he used to respect his father because his research had saved American lives, his respect decreased significantly during the fifth grade when a Japanese transfer student showed him photos of what happened in Hiroshima after the bomb hit.

After skipping a few grades, Emmerich joined NASA after graduating from MIT and worked alongside Strangelove. While working with Strangelove, Emmerich was given the nickname Huey. He was once considered to be part of a project involving space rockets, but he was eventually relocated after it was cancelled due to détente.

Paz Ortega Andrade

Paz Ortega Andrade, real name Pacifica Ocean, was a Cipher agent who infiltrated the Militaires Sans Frontières during the Peace Walker Incident in 1974.

Pacifica Ocean was raised in the United States from a very young age. She was taken in by Cipher after becoming an orphan, and felt that she owed him her life. However, her loyalty was partially born out of fear, as she believed that disobeying Cipher would result in a fate far worse than death.

Metal Gear Solid characters - Paz Ortega Andrade
Metal Gear Solid characters – Paz Ortega Andrade

She was also the only agent that had actually met Cipher face-to-face and received orders from him directly, in this case, to contact Big Boss, with other agents only gaining their orders via proxies. She was eventually trained to become a triple agent for the organization, later operating within both the CIA and the KGB.

In order to become a Cipher agent she endured many hardships including extreme training, starvation and days spent without sleep. Some of her compatriots died and others betrayed her and left her for dead while she did exactly the same to them. By overcoming these hardships she proved herself to Zero to be the right candidate to strike back at Snake for abandoning him and his organization.

With Cipher’s resources, Pacifica adopted the identity of Paz Ortega Andrade (the name Paz meaning Peace in Spanish), a 16-year-old Costa Rican high school student who cherished peace and was studying the nation’s Peace Constitution under the guidance of professor Ramón Gálvez Mena of the yet-to-be-sanctioned United Nations University for Peace.

In reality, Gálvez was a fellow agent of the KGB with whom Pacifica was ostensibly serving the Latin American interests of the Soviet Union. Similar to her true past, Paz was also an orphan whose mother had died when she was still very young and had lost her grandparents during the Costa Rican Civil War, influencing her supposed passionate hatred of war.

Code Talker

Code Talker was an elderly Diné (Navajo) biologist who specialized in parasitology that Venom Snake encountered during the 1980s. He was contracted by Skull Face to modify the vocal cord parasite to be used as biological weapons by targeting the languages spoken by ethnic groups.

Skull Face then intended to use the parasites to kill Cipher and transform the world in his image by completely eliminating the English language.

Metal Gear Solid characters - Code Talker
Metal Gear Solid characters – Code Talker

Code Talker was born in the 1880s as a member of the Navajo, who refer to themselves as Diné. In his younger years, Code Talker was taken from his mother and forced by the United States government to attend an American Indian boarding school where he was given the name George. The school taught him how to speak English and propagated the idea that Navajo was a dirty language.

Pupils speaking Navajo were punished by being forced by their teachers to eat an entire bar of soap. Resulting from experiences like these, Code Talker developed a deep-seated hatred of the English language as it, to his mind, represented a tool to subjugate the Navajo people.

Skull Face

Skull Face was the heavily scarred commander of the paramilitary unit XOF. He secretly commanded XOF from the 1960s up until his death in 1984, at first acting as a covert ally of Naked Snake during the Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater, and later as Cipher’s elite strike force until he finally took control of the organization away from Zero.

Skull Face also created the Parasite Unit, a group of parasite-enhanced super soldiers that would act as his chief enforcers and high-level operatives for XOF during the 1980s. He suffered extensive injuries in his youth which caused his characteristic facial scars, burns, and discolorations.

Metal Gear Solid characters - Skull Face
Metal Gear Solid characters – Skull Face

Skull Face was born to two rural factory workers in a small village in northern Transylvania that would be restored to Hungarian rule during World War II. Since birth, he was forced to adopt various languages due to Hungary being dominated by various countries during his life, specifically Nazi Germany during World War II and later the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

His childhood was interrupted when the grapeseed oil factory located in Almásfüzitő where he and his parents were working at the time was bombed by Allied forces during World War II, under the correct suspicion that it doubled up as a weapons manufacturing site. Skull Face was trampled in the aftermath by a mob of civilians rushing to escape, and sustained significant injuries during the chaos, including being doused in boiling oil.

His medical condition was critical; a nurse treating his wounds in an infirmary remarked that he ought to be euthanized. He was left with dramatic deformities and nerve damage; conditions which were exacerbated when he was tortured by foreign hands later in life.

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