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GTA6 May be Delayed

GTA6 is 2025’s the most expected game and latest report revealed that the development process is falling behind.

GTA6 May be Delayed

GTA6 is Getting Delayed to 2026

After so much rumors and leaks, GTA6 finally announced at the end of last year. The announcement trailer was already enough for players to get so much hype. After the release of the trailer, some rumors and news indicated that GTA6 may be released for PC later date, that’s not official but Rockstar Games didn’t announced the game for PC either.

Meanwhile, recent Kotaku report revealed that the game’e development process is falling behind. This state of affairs has been characterized as one of the inciting factors behind Rockstar’s purported decision to mandate its employees to return to office starting in April 2024, which was allegedly communicated in February. Specifically, the higher ups are said to be concerned about the company’s ability to wrap up the final stages of Grand Theft Auto 6 development without letting the game slip into 2026 should everyone keep working remotely.

Despite those concerns, the project is said to have avoided internal delays since its announcement. The new report even narrows down the previously stated GTA 6 release window to spring 2025, describing that as Rockstar’s current internal target. Kotaku claims that sources involved in the development believe fall 2025 to be a more realistic scenario, even though that’s currently only said to be the company’s fallback plan.

The purported spring 2025 target dovetails with one recent fan theory that Rockstar is looking to wrap up the game’s development come early next year. This is based on an early March job listing suggesting the localization work on GTA 6 will be concluded in Q1 2025.

The delays on every video game development is inevitable. In current technology, game development process takes so much time from developers, especially if you are developing a open world game, which will have a large world and thousand of materials in it. We will see what Rockstar Games currently planning for us, but if the game will make it’s launch without any problem and will satisfy all expectations, then this wait process is worth, we can say.

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