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ScHoolboy Q Teased GTA6 Involvement

It looks like ScHoolboy Q will support GTA6 with music.

ScHoolboy Q Teased GTA6 Involvement

GTA6 Involvement from ScHoolboy Q

GTA6 is one of the most anticipated game of all time. Since the launch of fifth game, GTA fans eagerly waiting for sixth game. At the end of 2023, Rockstar Games finally announced GTA6 and fans already started waiting for second trailer.

Just like the previous GTA games, Grand Theft Auto 6 will likely be filled with side activities for players to engage in, such as listening to real life music tracks on GTA Radio while driving down the mean streets of Vice City. While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, T-Pain recently claimed that he was working on Grand Theft Auto 6 in some capacity after spending so much time roleplaying on GTA 5 servers.

Another radio star might be lending his vocals to Grand Theft Auto 6 if a recent Twitter post is any indication. Rapper ScHoolboy Q responded to a fan hoping to hear his music in GTA 6 by saying “Ima be on tHere don’t even trip.” While this isn’t an official confirmation that any of ScHoolboy Q’s songs will be included in GTA 6’s in game radio, his past work with the franchise makes it all the more likely that Rockstar could involve him in some way.

ScHoolboy Q did take part in the GTA series before so we can surely expect to see it again. There have been a few more rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6’s music over the past few months, such as Anita Ward’s classic hit Ring My Bell returning after it was famously used in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. So far though, Rockstar has been playing Grand Theft Auto 6 close to the chest, so fans will likely still have to wait awhile before they know if ScHoolboy Q is involved in the next iteration of the legendary GTA Radio.

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