HONOR Pad 8 review

In our HONOR Pad 8 review, we take a look at the general features of the tablet, which is particularly ambitious in terms of design and sound.

The HONOR Pad 8 is a tablet with a big 12-inch screen, an assertive sound system, google support and a stylish look. As soon as you hold it in your hand, it makes you feel that it is attractive for its price. Now let’s take a look at the features of this tablet, but more importantly, the user experience.

HONOR Pad 8 review

Display Features

First of all, I have to point this out. HONOR Pad 8 is an ambitious tablet in terms of price performance. It has a premium feel with its screen and design. This screen, which has an IPS panel and 1200 x 2000 resolution, provides a clear and sharp image. The colors are vibrant, the contrast and brightness ratio is very satisfactory. Having Widevine L1 certification is an important advantage. In other words, you can watch the content of broadcasting platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ in high definition. This may sound normal, but many mobile devices do not have this certificate contrary to popular belief, and most devices play these contents as SD, so this detail is important.

The main reason why we focus on the content part of the device is that it has a good speaker system, as I mentioned at the beginning. This puts the tablet in a good position for both media files and games. HONOR did not get used to this issue and there are eight loudspeakers in four gratings at the top and bottom of the device.

HONOR Pad 8 review

Four of these speakers are positioned for high and four for depth. The sound dynamics, quality and depth really make itself felt. I would say it has much better sound quality than tablets that are much more expensive.


Honor Pad 8 has a premium feel in terms of design. This is achieved by the quality of the material and the screen-to-body ratio. The device has a high quality metal body. At 6.9mm it’s pretty slim and weighs just 520g. The exterior accent with blue tones is very stylish. Volume keys are located on the right side of the device, along with the power button. At the bottom we see the Type C entry.

Nowadays, most people use wireless headphones, but in terms of design, perhaps my only criticism is the absence of a jack input and a fingerprint sensor. If you still prefer to use wired headphones at home, like me, if I use wireless outside, you feel the lack of a jack input. Since there is no fingerprint lock, you have to unlock the device with a password or face recognition. Fortunately, a good job has been done on this one. I did not encounter any problems during my use.

HONOR Pad 8 review

By the way, the 5 MP camera on the front is sufficient for your meetings and video calls. There is also a 5MP camera on the back, and it has almost the same quality as the front camera.

Technicial Specifications

HONOR Pad 8 is powered by the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor. Half of these cores have speeds of 1.9 Ghz, while the other half has speeds of 2.4 Ghz. Along with 4 GB of RAM, there is a 128 GB space on the storage side. HONOR Pad 8, which scored 281 in single-core and 1403 in multi-core from Geekbench 5, fell one click behind in the 3D Mark Wild Life test.

Its performance on the application and game side is at a much better level compared to the tests. PUBG MOBILE works stably and can be played very fluently. Of course, you cannot open it in HD graphics as in similar models. You have to play on balanced graphics settings. Apart from that, it is quite enjoyable to play games such as Oddmar or one of the popular games of the last period, Marvel Snap, on the tablet.

Honor Pad 8 GamePlay

On the other hand, the usage experience of the tablet is very good, I did not encounter any stuttering or freezing. The performance of applications such as Internet browsing, YouTube, Netflix is quite good. Switching between apps works seamlessly. Again, you can open applications such as Chrome, YouTube and Gmail at the same time without any problems.

Interface and battery performance

HONOR Pad 8 comes with MagicUI 6.1 based on Android 12. The interface is simple and pleasant to use. It is an important advantage that it supports Google applications. Features such as split screen, multitasking management work smoothly. Of course, the applications you will use on the split screen are important. In other words, if you open a video processing program on the one hand and do something different on the other, the performance may naturally decrease. However, while watching a video on the one hand, on the other hand, you can handle transactions such as checking your e-mails or surfing the Internet without any problems.

Battery Life

TUV Reiland, which provides eye protection on the screen side, has certificates such as low blue light. In addition to this, an e-book mode is also included and I really liked it. This feature, which you can activate while reading e-books, makes the pages look like a book page and minimizes eye strain.

The HONOR Pad 8 has a battery life of 6 – 7 hours in normal use. Of course, it is possible to see an increase or decrease in this time depending on your usage situation and application. My favorite point in battery performance is that the device does not consume much battery when idle. Even if you are not using some tablets, they may run out of battery when they are idle. Even when I looked at the HONOR Pad 8 a few days later, I saw that it was around 70%.

Game Performance

HONOR Pad 8 review: Conclusion

As a result of our Honor Pad 8 review, it has been a successful tablet in terms of price performance. Technically, it actually offers an expected performance. However, having a premium design and especially sound performance for its price has brought the device to the forefront. If you are looking for a suitable tablet that you can do your daily work and use mostly for broadcasting platforms, entertainment and internet, I can say that it is a model you should take a look at.

You can find the price of the tablet on the official website.

HONOR Pad 8 Specifications


  • Processor: Snapdragon 680
  • Graphics unit: Adreno 610
  • Ram: 4GB
  • Storage: 128GB


  • Screen size: 12 inches
  • Resolution: 2000×1200
  • Pixel density: 194 PPI
  • Screen to body ratio: 84.5%
  • Brightness: 350 Nits


  • Camera: 5 MP Rear + 5 MP Front Camera
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • Battery Power (mAh): 7250mAh
  • Weight: 520 gr.
  • Speaker: 8 pcs

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