How To Choose Good Valorant Nickname? (2023)

In this guide, you will learn everything about nickname for your Valorant experience. How to change your nickname, best way to choose Good Valorant nickname and little process you can follow to test your nickname.

Nicknames are represents our personality in online. Finding best one can give you hard time, especially if you’re looking for original one.

First, we will teach you how to change your nickname if you already have Riot Games account but don’t like your username.

How To Choose Good Valorant Nickname?

How to Change your Valorant nickname?

In 2020, Riot Games renovate theirself as a group game company and they announced VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and Wild Rift to the world. Before making that renovate, Riot Games were a company who developed League of Legends.

With this change, account settings are also changed. Now your account is Riot Games account and you basicly use this account for all Riot Games contents. If you don’t have Riot Games account, you can’t use any of these services. Valorant usernames can change via website or Valorant client.

How To Choose Good Valorant Nickname? (2023)
How To Choose Good Valorant Nickname? (2023)

Here is the guide for changing your Valorant nickname step by step:

You need to go to the Rios Games account login page to perform all the above operations.

  • Log in your Riot account
  • Go to your account settings
  • You can view your Riot ID here
  • There is also a free space for you to write your tags
  • Fill the blanks you wish to change
  • Then click on save changes button

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How to choose a good and memorable nickname for your gaming experience?

You can freely choose your name and maybe create some creative names but keep that in mind that your nickname can’t be longer than 12 characters. You can start thinking your favorite video game character or movie character name first. Maybe add some numbers or special characters to it.

People usually prefers anime character names as well. If you’re a big fan of popular animes, you can showcase that in your Valorant name.

If you are having a hard time finding a good nickname for your Riot Games account, we prepared rules for you. If you have a nickname in your mind but can’t be sure if it’s good or not, you can basicly read these steps and test your nickname, see if it’s suitable for your account.

After that, you can read the step by step guide that we wrote earlier to change your Riot Games nickname and do that as you desired.

  • Short nicknames are popular and easier to remember.
  • You can be creative as much as you want.
  • Know your bounderies
  • You can use nickname generators too
  • Make sure that your nickname is long-lived
  • Try different names before making your last mind
  • Choose a nickname that can be picked on almost all platforms

If you followed these steps and made your mind, then it’s time for you to change your nickname. After you changed your nickname, you can log in to game and kill your enemies with your fresh nickname and maybe some players will compliment you that how creative your nickname is.

Also, if you wanna make your game even more creative and maybe try different Valorant Crosshair Color Codes, you can read our guide about that. If you have another problem, such as recovering your account, we have a guide named as How to Change your Valorant Password.

How Often Can I Change Valorant Name?

In your account page, you can alter your Riot ID for no cost once every 30 days. You may modify your tagline in addition to changing your in-game name, which should make both lot simpler to recall.

We wrote the ways to “How To Choose Good Valorant Nickname?” in our guide. If you need more help, please write your questions in the comments area.

About Valorant

Valorant is a popular FPS game published by Riot Games. After the date 2nd June 2020, Valorant made an amazing fan base and became popular in a short time between FPS game fans. What made Valorant popular is it doesn’t requires you to have a high spec PC and can be played on almost all PC’s.

Valorant is a competetive game but it also contains special talents and different characters, which makes it a different between FPS games. You can download free Valorant from their official website.

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