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Is Warhammer Darktide Crossplay or Cross Platform? (2023)

Before we start, let’s give a quick answer to the “Is Warhammer Darktide Crossplay” question. No. However, this does not mean that it will not happen in the future.

Last year, Warhammer 40,000 Darktide, published by Fatshark, became the focus of attention for fans of the genre. Although the game is not a sequel to the Vermintide series, it contains similar elements.

In the game, you mow down waves of plagued human beings corrupted by the plague god Nurgle. You choose a class and play with three people next to you. Your aim and goal is simple: you fight waves of zombies.

It is possible to say that Warhammer 40K Darktide, which has a mix of FPS, Hack’n Slash and RPG, is a mass murder game. It can be played especially for distraction.

Is Warhammer Darktide Crossplay?
Is Warhammer Darktide Crossplay?

However, the bugs of the game can be quite annoying. If you are also suffering from these problems, you can check the links below.

Is Warhammer Darktide Crossplay?

Darktide has been released for the Xbox Series X / S and PC platform. Many players who has the game are also looking for the answer to the question “Is Warhammer Darktide cross-platform?”.

Unfortunately, our answer for this is “No”. The game does not has a cross platform support. It is not possible to play the game crossplay and cross save – at least for now.

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Is Warhammer Darktide Crossplay?

Is Warhammer Darktide on Game Pass?

If you still want to play the game, we have good news for you. If you have Game Pass account, you can download and play for free on Xbox Game Pass both PC and console version.

But, if I remember correctly, Fatshark told “There would be fully intend to support shortly after launch” before the release of the game. No explanation has been made about this yet, but I believe they are trying to fix the problems in the game first.

Crossplay requires a lot of time and effort to truly get rolling, and based on this comment, it appears like the studio hasn’t done much more than determine whether it is even feasible. They also don’t commit to implementing it in the future. Hence, you shouldn’t hold out hope for it; even if it does occur, it will probably be far off.

However, for now, our answer to the question “Is Warhammer Darktide Crossplay” is no.

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