Life by You Cancelled

The Sims rival life simulation game, Life by You has been cancelled.

Life by You Cancelled

Sad News for Life by You Fans

Life by You was originally announced in March 2023. It was supposed to be the debut title from Paradox Interactive’s Berkley, California-based Tectonic studio, which was founded in 2019. The game’s development was helmed by Rod Humble, former EA EVP who served as the head of The Sims label before departing the company in 2010.

With the recent shared news, it’s been revealed that Life by You is cancelled on June 17. Paradox Interactive Deputy CEO Mattias Lilja described the move as a “clear failure” on the company’s part to meet fan expectations. Elaborating on the reasons behind this “incredibly difficult” decision, Lilja said that Paradox got caught up in focusing on the details rather than the big picture following the first two Life by You delays, which were announced in September 2023 and March 2024. The latest, mid May delay hence prompted the company to re evaluate the entire project instead of setting up new goals targeting incremental improvements, like it did in the past.

Following weeks’ worth of reviews, Paradox decided that Life by You’s third delay would also be its last, concluding that it’s “better to stop” rather than continue investing in the project, which it found “lacking in some key areas.” Despite that harsh assessment, Lilja noted that the game showed “promising qualities” and had a number of strengths, which is why Paradox Interactive kept bankrolling its development for as long as it did.

This information is a disappointment for life simulation fans. After many years, it looked like The Sims franchise finally got a competetion, it looks like this competetion is already lost before it even started.

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