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Metal Gear Solid Remake Could be on the way

A new rumor suggest that Metal Gear Solid Remake is in development at Konami.

Metal Gear Solid Remake Could be on the way

Is Metal Gear Solid Remake Really Happening?

Metal Gear Solid is a memorable franchise in the gaming world. Released over 25 years ago, the first Metal Gear Solid was a pioneer in the stealth action genre of games, and introduced a universe that still captivates fans to this day.

For a very long time, Konami resisted fans’ requests to remake these earlier games for modern platforms. However, Konami announced in 2023 that it’s working on a full remake of Metal Gear Solid 3, called Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater. And thankfully, Konami is not stopping there, they are also planning new Remakes.

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Spanish website Areajugones reported that Metal Gear Solid Remake has been in the works for years at Konami, and will become the studio’s main focus following the release of Metal Gear Solid Delta. The leak claims that the remake will be available on the PS5, but not the PS4, inferring that the game is a current gen exclusive.

No mention was made of a Windows or Xbox release, but seeing that Metal Gear Solid Delta is being released on PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows, it seems likely that the Metal Gear Solid Remake will see a similar release. No information was shared about a potential release date, and seeing that Metal Gear Solid Delta is still without one, the Metal Gear Solid Remake’s release is likely not anytime soon.

Metal Gear Solid Remake Could be on the way

Areajugones accurately leaked the existence of God of War Ragnarok’s recently announced DLC, so there is reason to believe that the website’s sources are solid. The leak further explains that Konami is considering this remake as one of its most ambitious projects for the coming years, and based on what’s already been shown of Metal Gear Solid Delta, fans have good reason to be excited.

The first Metal Gear Solid game is pretty old and considering how Konami treated to Metal Gear Solid 3, fans can expect impressive work for Metal Gear Solid Remake. We hope to see official announcement from Konami once Metal Gear Solid Delta make it’s release.

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