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RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC: All We Know

Mercenaries Game Mode is a Resident Evil special content. RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC was announced on Mar 24 2023 and it will publish on April 7 2023. Developers created the content so we can continue playing game even we beat the main story several times. It also contains special rewards so players will achieve something after trying so hard to beat certain maps or certain bosses.

Every Detail That We Know about RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC

There were 5 playable characters in Mercenaries DLC for Resident Evil 4 (2005). These are Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, Jack Krauser, Hunk and Albert Wesker. Every character has different animations and different items. Some of them has very powerful attacks such as Jack Krauser’s transformed arm, which is instant-kill for almost all enemies.

Each time you defeat enemy, you earn point but special enemies such as Chainsaw Sisters or Garrador, you got more points. You accumulate combos when you kill enemies within 11 seconds of each other. After you finish your combo or you were not fast enough to keep it, the bonus will be added to your score and you can start another one.

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Every Detail That We Know about RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC
Every Detail That We Know about RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC

There will be few treasure chests which contains Bonus Times. For a specific time, your kills will get you more points than normal. You want to increase your score by killing as many enemies surronded you and , Bonus Times are best for these situations. But player has to remember that these Bonus Times are rare and best for the increase high score in order to get the point you want.

They were total 4 Stages in Resident Evil 4 (2005). Each stage were a different place where taken from main story. Stage 1 is a village where you start to game and faced Ganado’s the first time. Stage 2 is a Castle where you get after you got out of Resident Evil village.

Stage 3 is a island part where you get at the almost end of the game. Stage 4 is a completely new area which is created special for this minigame. It resembles a small dockyard with warehouses and surrounded by water on all sides with a scalable tower.

If you want to be more powerfull and killer in the game check our How to Unlock Ashley’s Knight Armor in RE4 Remake guide.

What Was The Unlockables for Resident Evil 4 (2005) Mercenaries Mode?

The Handcannon was the unlockable weapon which you get when finishing all Stages with 5 Star Rank and with all characters.

Here is the ranking system for Resident Evil 4 (2005):

  • 0 – 9999 – 1 Star
  • 10000 – 19999 – 2 Stars
  • 20000 – 29999 – 3 Stars
  • 30000 – 59999 – 4 Stars
  • 60000+ 5 Stars
RE4 Remake Mercenaries
Every Detail That We Know about RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC

The Handcannon

Unfortunately, The Handcannon is not special unlockable weapon for Resident Evil 4 Remake. To get The Handcannon for Resident Evil 4 Remake, you have to clear Professional Agent Challenge which is finishing the game on Professional difficulty with new game selection without using any bonus weapon. We can say that Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Mercenaries will have different rewards.

Every Detail That We Know about RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC

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How do you unlock Mercenaries in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Mercenaries Mode for Resident Evil 4 Remake will be released on 7 April. In the Resident Evil 4 (2005), Mercenaries mode can be unlocked after finishing main story on any difficulty.

Will Resident Evil 4 Remake have Mercenaries mode?

Developers released official announcement regarding Mercenaries Mode. RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC will be released 7 April. Stage number is not certain but playable characters are Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, Jack Krauser, Hunk, Albert Wesker and Luis Serra Navarro.

Luis is the new playable character different from original game. Ada Wong will also wear her famous Chinese dress.

Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Luis
Every Detail That We Know about RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC

Who is the best mercenary in RE4?

That question totally depends on your choice but Hunk and Jack Krauser has instant-kill animations. Hunk cracks the enemy’s head, which is brutal for Ganado’s but also prevents enemy to reveal their Plaga but don’t forget that he can’t crack all enemy’s heads.

Jack Krauser uses his transformed arm, it’s almost deadly for all enemies but you have to choose the time wisely for using this power because it has 1 minutes cooldown.

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How do you get Mercenaries in RE4 Remake?

Mercenaries is a Free DLC which released on April 7 for all players who purchased Resident Evil 4 Remake. If you have Resident Evil 4 Remake, you can update your game and try this game mode.

What do you get for beating The Mercenaries Resident Evil 4?

Just like the original game, The Handcannon is the unlockable for Resident Evil 4 Remake as well. But there’s a little detail here: You can also unlock The Handcannon by finishing the Main Story in Professional mode without any bonus weapon.

Developers offered two choice here for The Handcannon. If you like The Handcannon but don’t wanna finish the game again, you can unlock it by playing The Mercenaries as well.

The Handcannon can be unlocked by finishing 3 Stages with S rank or higher. Getting S rank is pretty simple. All you gotta do is earn 200.000 points or higher.

Who is the best mercenary in RE4?

Just like the original The Mercenaries mode from Resident Evil 4 (2005), Hunk and Krauser are top tier mercenaries for this mode. If you struggle a lot and want to get higher scores, you can try these characters and easily get high scores.

RE4 Remake Mercenaries Characters

Unlike the original The Mercenaries content, there is currently 4 playable characters in Resident Evil 4 Remake The Mercenaries content. Future planned playable characters are unknown but there is a possibility that Ada Wong and Albert Wesker will be playable in future as well.

The current playable characters for The Mercenaries content are: Leon S. Kennedy, Luis Serra Navarro, Jack Krauser and Hunk.

RE4 Remake Mercenaries Stages

There are three stages playable for The Mercenaries content. These three Stages are: The Village, The Castle and The Island. The Village is unlocked immediately. The other two Stages can be unlocked by beating them once.

RE4 Remake Mercenaries Rewards

The Handcannon is the unlockable weapon from this game mode. In order to unlock The Handcannon, you have to get S rank with three Stages.

There is currently four playable characters in The Mercenaries content. Leon is the default character for this content. You can unlock other characters as well.

  • Unlocking Luis Serra Navarro: Get A rank (100.000) or higher with Leon in any stage.
  • Unlocking Jack Krauser: Get A rank (100.000) or higher with Luis in any stage.
  • Unlocking Hunk: Get A rank (100.000) or higher with Krauser in any stage.

What do you get for beating Mercenaries in Resident Evil 4?

The Handcannon was the unlockable for the original Resident Evil 4 which you unlock after beating all Stages with 5 Star Ranking with all characters.

The Mercenaries Mode will Resident Evil 4 Remake free DLC and will be released in April 7th. It will be available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

If you haven’t played the game yet, you can download the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo from Steam and try it before play the RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC.

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