Redfall Has Unique Prey Easter Egg

Arkane’s latest open world FPS game Redfall contains unique Prey Easter Egg. Redfall player noticed this Easter Egg and immediately shared online so everyone would know about this little secret.

Redfall Has Unique Prey Easter Egg
Redfall Has Unique Prey Easter Egg

What is this Prey Easter Egg in Redfall?

Redfall player shared a image contains a bottle of Green Beetle Gin from Prey, which is the Prey Easter Egg in Redfall game. This bottle was sitting on a table in one of safehouses in Redfall. In Redfall, safehouses are place where you can accept various missions or refill your ammo and health.

Redfall player who shared this photo also hinted that in the back of the Green Beetle Gin, there is a bottler name who is Transtar, the corporation responsible for building the Talos I space station and the Pytheas research facility in the Prey universe.

This Prey Easter Egg can mean many things. First one is that, this Easter Egg happened because developers just used previous assets. Since both games developed by same studio, it’s possible that developers wanted to clear their work fast and just use previous assets that they did in other games such as Prey.

Prey easter egg in Redfall- this gin was bottled by Transtar
by u/Tsundereployer in redfall

However, we all know that as well, studio like Arkane has been always careful about their works and details. So there is a potential that they did that Prey Easter Egg in purpose. So there is a possibility that this is an intentional Easter Egg nodding to Arkane’s beloved Talos I space station. Maybe developers wanted to create a bond between Prey and Redfall universes.

Last year, Deathloop director Dinga Bakaba confirmed that Disonered and Deathloop exists in the same universe. Maybe that Green Beetle Gin bootle Easter Egg is a confirmation that Redfall and Prey exists in the same universe as well.

We don’t know for certain that Green Beetle Gin Prey Easter Egg does mean anything about sharing same universe. But Redfall did not make the best launch in the history. So there is also a possibility that they don’t want to make connection between their beloved Prey and Redfall.

If you want to try Redfall and maybe experience that Prey Easter Egg yourself, you are welcome to play Redfall in PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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