The Division Heartland is Canceled

Ubisoft has officially canceled The Division Heartland, a free to play spin off of its Division franchise that was originally announced in 2021.

The Division Heartland is Canceled

The Division Heartland Canceled

The Division Heartland, first revealed in 2021, was being developed by Red Storm Entertainment. The Division and The Division 2 were set in large cities, The Division Heartland took place in a rural area. The plan was for the free to play shooter to offer an experience familiar to fans of The Division, but with dedicated PvP and PvE modes as opposed to a full blown action RPG experience like the main games in the series.

With the multiple Heartland tests, Ubisoft announced that they canceled the game. Ubisoft confirmed the unfortunate news during its latest earnings report, stating that it is redeploying the resources it was using on The Division Heartland to bolster XDefiant and Rainbow Six. But while The Division fans no longer have The Division Heartland to look forward to, there is still a new game in the series set to launch this year.

Meanwhile, mobile game The Division Resurgence is still in development, with Ubisoft hoping to launch the title at some point later in 2024. Based on what’s been shown of the game so far, The Division Resurgence will provide an experience very similar to the main series Division games, but scaled down for a mobile audience. The game promises to deliver a “vast open-world with high quality graphics,” a PvE campaign, co op support, customization, and a loot system that should be familiar to fans of the other Division games. The Division Resurgence sounds like a particularly ambitious mobile game, but it being mobile only may alienate hardcore fans of the franchise.

Division fans at least can be happy about something is on horizon, even though they are disappointed about Heartland.┬áThere are some other huge Ubisoft games to look forward to in 2024 as well, including the open world samurai/ninja game Assassin’s Creed Shadows and Division developer Massive Entertainment’s Star Wars Outlaws, so maybe those titles can help fill the void that will be left by The Division Heartland’s absence.

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