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Don’t Nod Has Currently Developing 7 Games

Life is Strange developer Don’t Nod Entertainment has seven games in development right now.

Don't Nod Has Currently Developing 7 Games

7 Upcoming Games from Don’t Nod

Paris based company founded in 2008 and created a successful franchise such as Life is Strange. Most recently, they completed projects include puzzle platformer Jusant and ARPG Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, which were released to critical acclaim in October 2023 and February 2024, respectively.

The studio has also something to offer fans, which is they are currently working on at least seven titles. Two of these are developing by external studio, meanwhile the rest is developing by themself. The latter group includes the narrative adventure game Lost Records: Bloom and Rage, which was unveiled in December 2023 as the first entry in what’s meant to be an interconnected anthology series.

Koira has revealed before. Developed by Brussels, Belgium based Studio Tolima, Koira is a hand drawn puzzler that is currently on course to be released via Steam sometime in 2025. Meanwhile the other project is an action RPG that’s presently in the works at Turin, Italy based Tiny Bull Studios. Announced in September 2022, the upcoming game is confirmed to be co produced and published by Don’t Nod, but is still pending a full reveal.

The company’s newly announced reorganization is meant to help it better leverage its expertise in a trio of genres: RPGs, action adventures, and narrative driven adventures. Its Paris studio will be primarily in charge of action adventures, while the Montreal branch will continue to work on storyrich experiences like Life is Strange and Lost Records: Bloom and Rage.

Don’t Nod CMO Sophie Filip told that the company is currently focusing on “games that are more AA or a bit above that,” largely in response to the tightening budgets and widespread layoffs that have been affecting the gaming industry since early 2023.

Don’t Nod’s track record implies that all of its internally developed upcoming games will be coming to everything from PC to Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. Specifically, the current gen consoles, as the developer stopped supporting the previous generation years ago, having last treated it to the narrative driven adventure game Twin Mirror, released in December 2020.

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